ESCO® Dealer for 35 Years – Texas Contractors Equipment

Here at Texas Contractors Equipment, we are proud to have been awarded a plaque from ESCO® that acknowledges our hard work and dedication to the ESCO® brand. We are receiving this plaque due to us being a provider and dealer of ESCO® products for 35 years!

ESCO Plaque for Texas Contractors Equipment

Our Success Over the Years

Construction and mining companies have been relying on our products to help them with their heavy equipment and machinery. Without us, they could lose jobs, experience downtime with unproductive attachments and equipment, and decrease their business’s success.

For over 35 years, we have been able to provide contractors in the construction and mining industries with the proper ground engaging tools/attachments for their jobs. We have always been a leader in the industry looking for new and updated tools, so construction can grow in Texas and the United States.

ESCO® for the Future

Our mission is to continue to provide superior products of ESCO’s throughout the years to come. With new research and innovation, the brand will grow. We want to increase sales across the region, so the tools and attachments we provide will create more efficient production and infrastructure projects. We can’t wait for the years to come when we can continue to increase our footprint.

Texas Contractors Equipment

If you’re looking to update or improve your attachments and tools, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Contact Texas Contractors Equipment at 713-776-1212 today or visit us online for more information on ESCO® products and ground engaging tools/attachments!

High-Speed Rail is Coming to Texas

Texas construction continues to push forward. In 2021, construction will start for a high-speed line traveling between Dallas and Houston with a station stop in the Brazos Valley near Texas A&M University. This rail is predicted to be built for a speed of 320km/h with a duration of less than 1h and 30 minutes.

High speed train coming to Texas

High-Speed Rail to Replicate the Japanese Rail

The rail is going to be built based on the Japanese high-speed train that has been around for 55 years. The success of the train should be looked at as an opportunity for the Texas train, as well as other high-speed trains to come.

Texas has been pushing more infrastructure improvements due to the population growth in Houston and other parts of the state. We are proud of the improvements because it makes the state an example for other parts of the country to improve their own infrastructure, housing projects, commercial construction projects, and energy savings construction.

How Will This Train Help Texas?

The high-speed train will help not only Texas, but it will also provide a steppingstone for our country. We can take a look at other countries that have successfully built high-speed trains and make it a priority in our country as well. For Texas dealing with population growth, this will give the state a better transportation system for business and travel efficiency.

Here are some benefits:

  • Travel Efficiency
  • Business
  • Transportation Improvement
  • Decrease Traffic
  • Minimize Fossil-Fuel Emissions

Texas Contractors Equipment

At Texas Contractors Equipment, we are proud of the Texas construction industry going forward with the high-speed rail project in the state. This provides jobs for many contractors, companies and individuals. We can help provide construction and mining companies with ground engaging tools/attachments for their equipment and machinery.

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An Up and Down Year for the Construction Industry

With the COVID-19 Pandemic devastating our world and causing the loss of jobs and a major health crisis, the construction industry went on a wild rollercoaster ride like many other industries. After the lockdown of the majority of countries, construction slowed down at first because of CDC guidelines of social distancing. At the beginning, we didn’t understand how to handle the pandemic. After a while, construction got back to work.

Construction work during COVID-19

Construction Spending Up in August

In August, the housing demand started rising, and the construction industry had to start spending more money on housing jobs. It’s crazy how the economy fluctuates, and how a pandemic can really put a damper on it. Construction spending has gone up since 2019 by about $37 billion, which is an interesting thought considering the pandemic hit us in 2020.

The Benefits of Construction Spending

This is a benefit for the construction industry. If the industry is spending more money for building houses, that means the market is going up. This also provides a benefit for the ESCO industry. If construction is booming, ground engaging tools/attachments will be in high demand. Construction relies on proper-running construction equipment and tools, and if your equipment isn’t running well, construction will be delayed. No one likes when construction takes longer than expected, which is why it’s encouraged to have updated ground engaging tools/attachments for your job.

Where Should Construction Companies Look for Ground Engaging Tools?

At Texas Contractors Equipment, we can provide ground engaging tools/attachments for construction companies and mining companies who are working on projects using heavy equipment and machinery. The housing market is currently trending upward, which means these home projects are in demand for quick and efficient construction.

Why Choose Texas Contractors Equipment?

We have been serving the Southeast Texas region for over 40 years supplying construction companies and mining companies with efficient ground engaging tools/attachments for their projects. We take pride in providing improved equipment, so we can see the infrastructure of Texas progress forward.

We’re hoping to see the housing market grow more, so we can help provide these companies with the tools and equipment they need to succeed. If you’re in need of new ground engaging tools/attachments for your construction and mining equipment, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a very trustworthy company. Contact Texas Contractors Equipment at 713-776-1212 today or visit us online for more information!


Transportation is Changing in Our Country

With all the new innovative technology coming our way, transportation has evolved and adapted with the current climate in our country. High-speed trains are becoming more relevant. It’s a shock it took this long considering cities all over Europe have trains and high-speed trains as a major mode of transportation. The United States was built a little differently, but now we’re seeing a trend for new construction of transportation modes.

High speed rail construction

Dallas to Houston: High-Speed Rail Construction

A high-speed rail project from Dallas to Houston was struggling with some hurdles, but as of recent, they just jumped over a big one, which will make it much easier to build. Regulations had to be sorted out, and the Surface Transportation Board reversed a prior decision making it easier to build the rail. They now have jurisdiction over the project, which means if they are looking more closely and reversing previous decisions, it shows promise to the project.

Before construction begins, there are a few other hurdles to jump over, but it is looking promising for this project to move forward. What will this mean for people? Well, a high-speed rail from Dallas to Houston will make it much easier for travelers and businesses to conduct their business between cities.

The Benefits of a High-Speed Rail

There are plenty of benefits that come with building a high-speed rail between cities. For one, it cuts traffic way down, which we are currently seeing more of in Texas due to the population increase. Many younger folks are moving to major cities in Texas causing highways and streets to be packed with cars. Adding a high-speed rail can minimize drivers on highways.

Here are some major benefits:

  • Less Traffic
  • Quicker Transportation
  • Cut down on Fossil Fuel Emissions
  • Build a more Sustainable Transportation system

Texas Contractors Equipment

At Texas Contractors Equipment, we are happy to hear about new construction projects in the state of Texas because it’s a sign of progress and innovation. Making life easier for the people of Texas is a top priority, and we can help construction companies and contractors do just that. With our ground engaging tools/attachments, we will see construction and mining companies finish projects on time with greater efficiency.

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Austin, Texas Construction Update Due to the Pandemic

Work is being operated at a much different way since the pandemic hit the United States. Many people are working from home as much as they can or indefinitely until this is all over with. When it comes to construction jobs, the pandemic is impacting it in different ways.

As we see in several places, the pandemic has slowed down significantly, but in some other places down in the south, it has ramped up a little bit. For construction in Austin, Texas, here’s the update on the COVID-19 pandemic impact:

Construction worker during COVID-19

Construction Site Rules

Workers must be working in staggered shifts for sites with more than 10 workers on the job. Shifts need to be rotated limiting the amount of workers there at once. Now, this can be a difficult way to get construction jobs done, but we’re expecting there to be delays on construction due to the situation of keeping workers safe.

There will be 6-feet apart when it comes to hand washing and bathroom stations, and individual water bottles will be encouraged rather than community water coolers.

Construction is essential during this time, but companies have to make sure there workers are safe and protected as well.

What Can We Say About Construction in Texas Going Forward?

Many areas of Texas are booming with development construction for companies moving in and younger people moving into apartments. As the population rises, construction continues to move forward. The construction that is still in the planning phase will obviously be delayed until there is more confidence in the market, but it looks like construction is still going on even during a pandemic. This is good news because it means that rules and guidelines are in place for workers and others to practice safety during this time.

At Texas Contractors Equipment, we provide the construction industry with ground engaging tools/attachments for any job that needs to get done. As the construction market fluctuates during this time, it’s important for companies that are finishing jobs to get them done on time and properly. With the right ground engaging tools/attachments, you will be able to. Contact Texas Contractors Equipment at 713-776-1212 today or visit us online for more information.

Duke Energy’s Solar Project is Now on line in Texas

This is pretty great news to hear that Duke Energy Renewables’ largest solar project is now on line in Texas. This is a big step for solar energy because around the world, we’re seeing many large-scale solar projects being built like this. Many energy companies are investing their time and many into renewables, so that we can all live in a better place.

Located in Wingate, Texas, the 200-megawatt solar farm stretches about 1,300 acres with 709,000 solar panels. This can power 40,000 homes hooked up to the grid. This is the third farm to come on line for Duke in Texas, but it is the largest one for them.

Duke Energy solar

Duke Energy Continues to Work

Duke isn’t stopping their renewable projects. They’re almost finished with another large-scale solar project in Tom Green County. What does this mean for Texas? Well, Texas is one of the fastest growing solar markets in the United States. Construction for these solar projects are continuing to move quickly to change the way we achieve our energy.

Companies Need the Right Equipment

Construction companies, especially the ones building solar farms need proper functioning equipment and tools to make sure these projects get done on time with efficiency. In other words, without the right tools, these projects could take longer and cost more. We don’t want this to happen, which is why Texas Contractors Equipment is helping to supply ground engaging tools/attachments for construction and mining companies in Texas.

With updated ground engaging tools/attachments, your heavy equipment will last longer to get those necessary tasks done efficiently.

Contact Texas Contractors Equipment at 713-776-1212 today or visit us online for more information. We can help you finish those jobs and give your equipment a longer life for the future large-scale solar jobs.

Wind Energy Completed in Fisher County, Texas

As we see a progression towards renewable energy sources, we’re celebrating the completion of the Clearway Energy Group’s wind energy project in Fisher County, Texas. The 419-megawatt wind farm is contracted under long-term power agreements with corporate and institutional customers including Ecolab, Lowe’s, Intuit, and Brown University.

wind energy in Texas

Renewable Energy Continues to Grow

It’s a very great time to celebrate, especially with the climate of the world right now. When we see a growth and completion of projects regarding renewable energy, we can relax and truly see a sign of hope for the world.

The Benefits of the Wind Farm:

This project has created 300 jobs while in construction, more ongoing jobs, and millions of dollars in investments locally. The success of the project is part of the long-term goal to get to 100% clean energy in Texas by 2040. Creating more jobs with renewable energy will drive the economy, and it will help the environment at the same time.

Construction in Renewable Energy

As we see a trend going towards renewable energy construction, we also see the demand for ground engaging tools/attachments to get these jobs done efficiently with the machinery they’re using. Companies around the country rely on their heavy machinery to complete jobs with a deadline, and if you have outdated machinery or machinery that needs a boost, ground engaging tools will help.

Texas Contractors Equipment

At Texas Contractors Equipment, we are proud of the progress and growth Texas has seen with successful construction jobs due to the growth in population and the renewable energy sector. We take pride in supplying construction and mining companies with the attachments they need to successfully complete jobs.

Contact Texas Contractors Equipment at 713-776-1212 today to learn more on how we can help you receive the proper ground engaging tools/attachments for your machinery.



Importance of Ground Engaging Tools During this Time

As the country starts to open up, especially with construction companies able to get back to work, ground engaging tools will become much more important to the industry for the amount of jobs needed to get done. Your machines deserve to have upgraded attachments and ground engaging tools, so that you cut down on your downtime at the jobsite.

Ground engaging tools from Texas Contractors Equipment

Here are the benefits:

Extend the Life of Your Equipment – Ground engaging tools go through tough times on the job site. Your equipment takes a beating. If you don’t get attachments replaced, it can affect the work you do on a construction site. They also extend the life of your equipment when you can’t afford new machines.

  • Reducing Your Maintenance Costs – With new ground engaging tools from Texas Contractors Equipment, you’ll be able to cut back on your maintenance costs of machines. This will ultimately help you to reduce downtime on the job.
  • Protect Your Machine’s Parts – Having the proper ground engaging tools will protect the expensive parts of your machine including blades, buckets, and ripper shanks. Getting the most out of your investment, especially when you use your equipment for every single job is extremely important.

Texas Contractors Equipment

At Texas Contractors Equipment, we have surplus ground engaging tools/attachments from trusted manufacturers in the construction and mining industry. We are always on the lookout for new technology to help out our clients who are looking to improve their work and equipment on the job. Construction is continuing to be accomplished in Texas. At this time, it’s important for construction companies to continue to work, so that when traffic ramps up and more people start to move to different places, they will have the tools to finish jobs with efficiency.

Contact Texas Contractors Equipment at 713-776-1212 today!

Texas is Growing in the Solar Energy Industry

With the construction industry continuing to work on during the COVID-19 Pandemic, the solar energy industry is also doing the same. In Texas, construction is set to begin on a 350-megawatt solar project. The Red Tailed Hawk Solar Project is in partner with J-Power USA Development for the facility to be located southwest of Houston, Texas. This is J-Power USA’s first renewable project in the United States.

Solar field construction

Energy Companies Switching to Solar Energy

We are seeing more and more coal and gas developers looking into getting in on the solar energy action. Why is this? Well, people are seeing that solar is taking over the energy sector, and to survive, these companies have to adapt to the market. The reason for a boost in many companies’ interest in solar is because a large-scale solar project is easier to withstand the storm of the current pandemic. Workers can stay further away from each other on a 500-acre solar site than a residential solar job. Other states such as Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama have solar projects being developed as well.

Construction Projects Need Tools

With solar energy projects continuing to be developed, these sites need the proper ground engaging tools/attachments to efficiently get the solar project up and running. With Texas Contractors Equipment, we have the proper ground engaging tools/attachments for mining and construction companies who are working hard during the pandemic to have successful jobs. Increasing the life expectancy of your machines with ground engaging tools is the best way to have success and longevity in the construction industry. If you can cut down on downtime and repairs, then you will save money and have projects done in no time.

Contact Texas Contractors Equipment at 713-776-1212 today to get the parts and attachments you need for your job.



The Impact of COVID-19 on Solar Construction

Construction all over the country is being slowed down because of the COVID-19 crisis. Construction is considered essential, but that doesn’t mean that work is being completed at the regular pace. Regarding the solar energy industry, they are also taking some hits during this pandemic.

Solar construction and COVID-19

What Does the Future Look Like for Solar Energy?

Solar energy is becoming more normal than ever, which is ultimately a very beneficial thing for people and the environment. The future is still looking bright for the production of large-scale solar projects and residential solar projects.

What’s the issue with COVID-19?

Well, it all depends on how long the virus lasts. Researchers and experts in the solar energy industry don’t think that this will leave a major dent in the industry’s development, but they still can’t predict anything just quite yet. We don’t know enough about the virus to consider making future assumptions and predictions to the construction industry. As we continue to grow in solar and eliminate our fossil fuel emissions, construction companies will need to have the proper tools to get these jobs done efficiently.

Ground Engaging Tools/Attachments for Solar Construction

Construction companies around the country working on solar projects need the tools to properly finish jobs with a deadline. When having functioning equipment with the right attachments means making revenue and saving money for individuals and businesses, these companies look towards updating and replacing their ground engaging tools/attachments.

At Texas Contractors Equipment, we provide ground engaging tools/attachments for the mining and construction industry in Texas. As the lockdown slowly loosens, construction will be moving much quicker to get construction jobs done that were put on hold or slowed down because of the virus. Workers will be hired, and new attachments for heavy machinery will be needed.

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