Port of Houston Ship Channel Project Under Way

The last few years have been quite chaotic throughout the world, and even with the transportation of goods being slowed down for several different reasons. In Houston TX, the port of Houston Ship Channel is one of the busiest waterways in the country, and it’s extremely important due to this channel going into the Gulf of Mexico. The good news is that it will be getting a major update to help benefits the larger cargo ships.

Cargo ship in water Houston, TX

$1 Billion Channel Project in Houston

This $1 Billion project will allow for a wider passageway for the larger import and export cargo ships to safely travel from the Gulf through this channel. This will allow for job creation, shipping efficiency, and safer ways to get imports and exports in and out of this port.

The Long-Term Benefits of this Project:

Construction and Mining Companies Benefit from Large-Scale Projects

Some of these larger construction and mining companies are benefitting from these projects that are being supported statewide and nationwide. Having strong support for these projects will allow for more of these construction jobs to come about making for a more productive and healthier environment for our nation.

When construction and mining projects launch, companies must have the best equipment on hand. With worn out and used heavy machinery, the job only gets hard. At Texas Contractors Equipment, we provide construction and mining companies with high-quality ground engaging tools/attachments. If you’re in need of new parts for your next job, don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact us at 713-776-1212 today or visit us online for more information!

Transformation of the Texas Energy Industry

The great state of Texas has been known for its vast oil fields and energy production. In recent years, the entire country has been trying to find better ways for how we emit and consume energy. Since Elon Musk has moved to Austin, Texas and the state has won the bid for Tesla’s new auto factory, the state is changing in various ways.

Solar energy movement in the state of Texas

What Does Elon Musk Mean to the State of Texas?

Elon Musk is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to innovation and technology, especially in the energy sector. You can say what you want about him, but he is an independent thinker with grand ideas. For the state of Texas, this is a really great thing. Jobs will be created, especially in the construction industry, which means machinery and equipment will need to be supplied for these projects.

Every Innovation Comes with Baggage

Everything new comes with some sort of baggage. Of course, this Elon Musk movement will bring plenty of jobs in the auto industry, electric energy industry, and more. Some people may feel the affects with possible prices rising when it comes to living costs. In any industry, trying something new can cost more money for people at the start, but it can also have long-term benefits for future generations. This is what the state of Texas feels.

The Benefits of an Energy Industry Boom in Texas

Like we said above, energy has been a big part of the state of Texas, but now, Texas is emerging as solar power’s next frontier. Solar projects in the state of Texas are taking over the once major oil and gas hub of the United States. It makes sense because government officials, big tech companies, and major corps are realizing the true value in the renewable energy sector.

So, what does the solar energy boom in Texas mean for construction and mining companies?

First off, the economy of the state will start to boom. Jobs will be created, new technology will be developed, and infrastructure and way of living will change for the better. Having new and innovative projects come to the state will provide construction companies to also get more contracts and jobs.

Construction and mining companies need to have functioning, heavy machinery, and construction equipment to get jobs done on time with efficiency. At Texas Contractors Equipment, we provide ground engaging tools/attachments for the construction and mining industry. If you’re in need of attachments to be replaced, contact us at 713-776-1212 today or visit us online for more information!


Ground Engaging Tools/Attachments in High Demand

The construction and mining industry uses ground engaging tools/attachments for their heavy equipment and machinery. These attachments include bucket teeth, adapters, lip shrouds, side cutters, ripper shanks, and much more. These ground engaging tools play an important role in keeping construction machinery functioning properly when lifting heavy loads and conducting specific projects. Without proper functioning tools, the job can go much longer, cost more money, and de-rail projects that need to get done.

ground engaging tools for heavy machinery

Market Growth on the Rise as Construction Booms

The market for ground engaging tools/attachment is expected to grow at a rate of 7.6% over the next 5 years, which started in 2019. Growth in the market in recent years could be due to the boom in construction and mining around the globe. As new technology and better equipment is created, the market could slow down, but this could possibly only affect larger corporations and bigger construction contracts.

When it comes to smaller construction, companies that are contracted out are going to be needing replacement tools and attachments for their used and older equipment. The demand for ground engaging tools/attachments will still be high for these projects and contractors.

The Importance of Ground Engaging Tools

We can stress enough on the importance of these construction equipment attachments. Having the ability to replace worn out and broken attachments for your bulldozer, excavator, etc., is something that construction contractors do not take for granted.

The Benefits of On-Demand Ground Engaging Tool Replacements:

  • Jobsite and Project Efficiency
  • Eliminate Downtime on a Construction/Mining Project
  • Save money with repairs and replacements
  • Always Have the Highest Quality Attachments for Your Jobs

How to Find Ground Engaging Tools/Attachments

You have come to the right place! Texas Contractors Equipment can provide you with state-of-the-art ground engaging tools/attachments for your construction and mining equipment. If you’re in need of replacement parts, don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact us at 713-776-1212 today or visit us online for more information!

Replacement Bucket Teeth from Texas Contractors Equipment

At Texas Contractors Equipment, we provide high-quality ground engaging tools/attachments for a variety of construction and mining equipment. When our customers and clients are in need of replacing worn out and used bucket teeth, we’re here to help them out.

We take pride in providing these materials because we understand how important ground engaging tools and attachments are, especially when a job needs to get done with efficiency and timeliness.

Helping our Customer in Mobile, Alabama

A customer of ours in Mobile, Alabama was having trouble for a couple of months trying to get someone to identify a tooth that his customer needed. He went to our website and emailed a photo of a used tooth to us.

From his description of what bucket it was on and the measurement per the picture, we were pretty sure what it was, but the customer went ahead and sent the tooth to us via UPS. Once we received the tooth and placed it on the adapter here at the warehouse, we were correct on which tooth he needed.

We sent over the photos to him, and he said, “GREAT!” He purchased 5 teeth, pins, and keepers, which we had packed to ship via UPS back to him. He was so grateful on how we identified and got him the product to help his customer out.

Replacement bucket tooth

We take pride in being called “The Problem Solvers” in our industry. We understand the importance of delivering the goods to our customers, and we know how much customer service means to all of our customers and new clients.

If you’re in need of any parts for construction and mining equipment particularly ground engaging tools/attachments, we’re just a phone call away. Contact Texas Contractors Equipment at 713-776-1212 today or visit us online for more information!



Treasure Hunting and Construction Equipment

Treasure hunting is a unique profession around the globe. The world has incredible things to be discovered from its history that may be buried underground and even in hard-to-reach places. For the past few years, a team of treasure hunters and construction professionals from the United States have gone treasure hunting in the Philippines for a specific WW2 treasure that was buried in tunnels by the Japanese before the end of the war.

Treasure hunting with heavy machinery and ground engaging tools

Lost Gold of WWII is a show on the History Channel that tells the story about an American team searching for General Yamashita’s treasure in Southeast Asia. The best part about this show is that the team partners with construction workers, diggers, miners, and other workers who’ve had years of experience with heavy machinery and new technology.

What Construction Equipment Do They Use?

Many people will probably think of treasure hunting as simple hand digging with simple tools like Archeologists use in the movies to uncover something right on the surface that has been buried for decades. In reality, the equipment they use is at a much larger scale.

Heavy excavators, diggers, and drilling equipment are used to safely dig and drill through hard-to-reach areas where the team believes voids or tunnels are located in these mountains in the Philippines. The team also deals with drone mapping, and other new, state of the art technology to help map out underground locations.

Why Treasure Hunters Need High-Quality Ground Engaging Tools/Attachments

At the end of season 2, the team used a heavy machine to drill through the back side of a waterfall where they believed a large void was dug and closed off. They hit the void space and sent a camera probe to see what they found. They uncovered dozens of wooden crates that could hold possible treasure. The lesson here is that the heavy equipment and machinery they used proved beneficial to their search.

Without high-quality ground engaging tools/attachments for the construction and digging equipment, the team of treasure hunters would never have been able to find the tunnels and voids that they found.

At Texas Contractors Equipment, we understand the importance of high-quality ground engaging tools/attachments for the construction and mining industry. With any construction project coming up, get the best attachments and tools you need to finish the job with ease and success. Contact Texas Contractors Equipment at 713-776-1212 today or visit us online for more information!

Order Complete for the Repair of an ESCO® HDP BUCKET

Our team at Texas Contractors Equipment, Inc. is proud to announce our latest project in conjunction with our good friends at ESCO®.

A longtime customer of ours had an older ESCO® 2.08 Yard 48” wide type HDP bucket (from 2008) on a Komatsu PC300LC-8 excavator that needed to be repaired.

While the bucket itself was still in good overall shape, the bottom had worn out and needed to either be repaired or completely replaced.

After discussing with the customer, we felt it would be best to have the bottom of the bucket replaced, and because of the long lead times the industry has with excavator buckets and the high cost of steel, the customer chose to handle the repairs themselves.

After receiving the serial number of the bucket from the customer, we reached out to ESCO® and asked them to pull the prints to get us a quote and availability for the bottom plate, solid runner plate and lifting eye for this particular piece.

The items were made to the specifications on the prints at the ESCO® bucket factory in Covington, KY. This only took a few weeks to complete, and the items arrived safely at our warehouse a few days later.

Bottom of HDP Bucket #1When the customer picked up the new pieces, they were very pleased and look forward to completing the repairs and having it back to digging and looking like it did all the way back in 2008!

When you’re in need of ESCO® parts for your heavy-duty plate lip buckets, other ground engaging equipment or you need repairs handled, we are the team to call on at  Texas Contractors Equipment, Inc.

We’ll make sure all deadlines are being met and that the project is completed at an affordable rate. We look forward to assisting with any upcoming projects you may have and ask that you give us a call at 713.776.1212 to learn more.

Solar Power to Be Used to Draw Oil in Texas

Businessman standing with a solar panel in front of an oil rigWhile Texas is known for generating the most energy of any state because of its booming oil industry, it is also a leader in generating solar energy.

As Texas continues to make advancements in this field, one oil company, ExxonMobil, has made a ground-breaking agreement that will see them use solar power to draw oil from the Permian Basin in the not-so-distant future.

The biggest renewable deal ever signed by an oil company, ExxonMobil is showing that these companies can do their part in the global warming crisis, while still providing much needed oil to those throughout the world.

In this blog, we will look at the history of solar power in the oil business, where the state of Texas rates in terms of solar power production and Exxon’s plan of action with this agreement.

Background & history

ExxonMobil has always taken a special interest in solar power, beginning research in the field over 50 years ago.

During the early 1960s, when ExxonMobil was still known as the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey, there was concern over a surge in oil usage, and they began looking for oil alternatives.

This search led them to solar photovoltaic technology, which converts sunlight into electricity. During this time other oil companies began doing research and the industry began to expand.

Exxon, its subsidiaries, and other oil companies continued to expand research throughout the 1960s and 70s, and although they hit several roadblocks in producing cost-effective solar power, President Jimmy Carter continued to put large sums of money into this research and development.

Unfortunately, the finding of new oil fields across the globe during the tail end of this period put a decrease in the need for solar power and subsidies given by the Carter administration were moved to other areas when Ronald Reagan took office.

Since this time, solar companies have continued to operate and have made incredible advancements in the field, but they were not associated with the oil business like they once were.

A renewed interest

While the oil business turned away from solar energy for much of the last 30 years, they have come back to it in a big way since the ExxonMobil agreement was made in 2018.

ExxonMobil has begun purchasing wind and solar power in West Texas as part of a 12-year agreement with the Danish energy company Orsted.

The idea will be to use cheap, clean electricity to power ExxonMobil’s rapidly expanding operations in the Permian Basin, which expects to reach 1 million oil-equivalent barrels per day as early as 2024, an 80% increase over earlier forecasts.

Orsted and ExxonMobil are expected to buy 500 megawatts of wind and solar power in the Permian Basin, making it the largest renewable power contract ever signed by an oil company.

Already a leader in solar power

While this is a great win for the oil business in terms of the impact their oil production will have on the environment, the state has already become a leading force in the solar power market.

Texas has the second most solar generation, only behind California, with much of the solar power coming from power plants. This deal will increase those numbers and hopefully spark a trend in oil companies that choose to use solar power for their oil production.

At Texas Contractors Equipment Inc, we are proud of our state’s commitment to solar power and are standing by to provide any ground engaging tools and attachments that are needed for upcoming solar power projects. Should you need these tools for your solar power, or other industrial needs, we ask that you think of our professional and experienced team.

We invite you to call us at 713.776.1212 today for all your equipment needs from top brands such as ESCO®. We’ll do everything in our power to get your tools to you on time and at a fair price!

Remodel of Houston’s Downtown Sears Building Complete

Building being remodeledBuilt in 1939, the Sears downtown building is an important structure in the history of downtown Houston. However, in recent years, the three-story concrete building was beginning to show its age and needed a facelift to fit with the incredible rise of Houston’s Midtown.

Unfortunately, it was discovered that parts of the building were not structurally designed for expansion and much work was needed to get to where it is today.

In this blog we will discuss the history of the remodel, the years of hard work that went in to creating the new Ion building and how several of the area’s top construction companies were able to pull it off.

History & Construction Facts

In 2017, Rice Management Company purchased the remaining years of a 99-year lease of the building that once housed Houston’s Sears department store.

The management company decided to add two stories to the building using a steel-framed vertical expansion, and also expanded the lower three concrete floors horizontally.

The company decided to name the remodeled structure ‘The Ion’ and envisioned a building that would be a collaborative technology innovation hub for Houston’s entrepreneurial, corporate and academic communities.

The Remodel

While it was clear that extensive work would need to be done to the structure to reach the ultimate construction goals, there was much more that was needed to be handled than originally expected.

The remodel was intended to strengthen and adapt the structure while not taking away from the original construction. This included keeping the majority of the original storefront while vertically extending the curtainwalls in the corners.

The two-story vertical expansion used steel framing to minimize the increase in load on the existing structure and required strengthening to the existing spread footing foundations.

While the existing soil was able to support higher pressure on the foundation, the framing for the existing roof on the third floor did not have sufficient load capacity. To fix this, new steel overbuild framing was placed between the existing columns.

For the horizontal expansion off the original three floors, openings were created in the existing structure with concrete beams being placed within the existing slab (rather than adding new steel beams).

Adding of Natural Light

Another issue that the team faced was adding natural light into the building. The original space was a “dark box” made of concrete. In order to attract commercial tenants, the construction crews were tasked with creating punched windows for daylight. Additionally, a 26×92 foot light well was constructed in the center of the structure to add further daylight.

Other Info

During the remodel, construction crews were charged with the demolition of stairs, center columns, an escalator, floor slabs and more, with new stairs and an elevator system being installed.

Walter P Moore was the structural engineer overseeing the project, while the design and architectural firms James Carpenter Design Associates, SHoP Architects and Gensler were integral to the design. Gilbane served as the general contractor and Encore Concrete Construction was the concrete contractor for the project.

At Texas Contractors Equipment we are excited for the expansion and improvements made here and to other downtown Houston buildings in recent years.

Should you be looking to handle a similar remodeling project in the near future and need ground engaging equipment to complete the job, our team is standing by with all of the ground engaging tools and attachments you’ll need from some of the top manufactures in the business. Call our team at 713.776.1212 to get started.

Houston One of the Biggest Apartment Builders for ’22

Outside of a new apartment complexA recent report from the analytics firm RealPage shows that Houston is among the Top-10 cities in the country when it comes to the building of new apartment units for 2022.

Houston is expected to add more that 17,000 apartment units in the metro area this year in response to the steady population growth that has been seen in the city in recent years.

Developers are projected to add approximately 17,053 new apartment units by year’s end, which will be a 2.4% increase in inventory.

Where Houston ranks among other cities

As mentioned above, Houston will be inside the top ten for most apartment units added among the nation’s 50 largest apartment markets in 2022, coming in at number seven overall.

While Houston ranks highly in national terms when it comes to the building of apartments in the new year, it ranks third overall in the state, with Houston and Dallas ranking 4th and 6th respectively in the RealPage report.

Where the units are being built

While apartment units are popping up all across Greater Houston, much of the building is happening in the urban core including Downtown, Montrose and Uptown.

There has been a mixed-use building boom taking place along Allen Parkway between Downtown and Shepherd Drive as well.

Why is there such a need for apartments?

The need for so many thousands of apartments is thanks in large part to the population growth that has been seen in the Metro Houston area over the last several years.

In fact, over one million people have flocked to the city over the last decade, with the latest census data reporting over 7.1 million people living in the metro area.

The region gained more than 91,000 new residents between 2019 and 2020, equating to roughly 250 people per day, the third largest population increase among U.S. metro areas during that time.

Should you be building a new apartment complex in Houston, TX, the surrounding areas, or anywhere else throughout the U.S. and are looking for the very best ground engaging equipment to start your job on the right foot, we ask that you call upon us at Texas Contractors Equipment Inc.

We promise to deliver ground engaging tools and attachments from some of the top brands in the business, including ESCO®, and look forward to working with you soon.

To get started, we ask that you call us today at 713.776.1212 or 800.483.9266 for all your equipment needs.

Memorial Park Conservancy Land Bridge, Tunnels Update

View of Houston Skyline from Memorial ParkMemorial Park’s $70 million land bridge and tunnel project, a part of the Memorial Park Master Plan, is nearing completion with roadways set to open in the coming months.

The project, which features four tunnel sections and six total lanes of highway, will not only help with traffic flow but will feature two spacious land bridges and high-functioning prairies running above the tunnels where parkgoers can exercise and take in the natural beauty of the park.

In this blog, we will discuss a few facts about the project, important dates and what to expect from the Master Plan in the future.

Land Bridge & Tunnel Facts

The new project is adding two evenly-spaced tunnels to both the eastbound and westbound lanes of Memorial Drive, for a total of four tunnels, and will feature two convenient land bridges above the new tunnel systems.

Each tunnel is hundreds of feet wide, allowing for three lanes of traffic, and has a clearance of 27 feet.

Important Dates

The eastbound tunnels of Memorial Drive are set to open in March with the westbound tunnels opening a month later in April.

There will be a free public preview party this Saturday, Feb. 5, at the Memorial Park Land Bridge (Tunnel 3) from 10:00 am to 3:00pm.

The Future

While this is an important milestone for the park’s Master Plan, there will be much more work done to get the land bridge and accompanying prairies to their optimal appearance.

The Master Plan envisions a total of 100 acres of new park area that will provide safe crossing and exploring for visitors and wildlife alike.

At Texas Contractors Equipment Inc., we look forward to the completion of the tunnels and land bridge, as well as the Master Plan, as we know it will be a great addition to our already great city.

If your construction company is set to begin work on a similar project in the Houston Area and you’re looking for the very best ground engaging equipment from top brands such as ESCO®, we are the team to call on.

We ask that you contact us today at 713.776.1212 or 800.483.9266 for all of your construction equipment needs.