Get Ready for the CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020

The ConExpo/ConAgg show is going to be something you don’t want to miss if you’re connected to the construction industry. Register before March 9, and you will save over 20%. The event will take place March 10-14 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Here’s everything you need to know before you attend:

Skid Steer for construction job

New Products & Technologies

At this event, you’ll be able to check out all the new products and technologies from 2,000 equipment manufacturers within the construction and mining industries. Everything revolves around this show because attendees from around the world come to gain knowledge and network. The importance of gaining knowledge of new and innovative technology in the industry can set your company apart from the rest.

Bobcat is also making a big unveiling at the Expo, so it’s important that you don’t miss out on this! Their display will incorporate all new products they have or that are coming soon.

Why It’s Important for You to Attend

This event happens every three years, so you’ll have to wait a bit if you don’t attend this show. It’s important as a business owner in the construction industry to be aware of new technologies and trends in the market. Having this knowledge accompanied with networking with all contractors and dealers will give you an advantage. Along with booths set up, there will be live tech experience and tech talks from professionals and highlighting women in the industry!

How to Get Ready

After you register for the show, start planning your show experience out, so that when you arrive, it won’t be too difficult to navigate through the event. Plan out what you’d like to see the most and who you’d be interested in talking to.

Texas Contractors Equipment will be attending this event to get a scope of what’s new and what’s changing in the construction and mining industries.

If you’re looking for more information on the show, or you’d like to learn more about ground engaging tools/attachments for the construction and mining industry, contact Texas Contractors Equipment at 713-776-1212 today!

How to Get the Most Out of Your Ground Engaging Tools

Having the proper equipment for a construction job is extremely important. More importantly, the parts and attachments used on these machines also need to be in good condition. For ground engaging tools, they can easily go through wear and tear.

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your ground engaging tools, so they can last longer!

Bulldozer bucket being used in construction

Increase Efficiency and Production

Innovations are driving improved ground engaging tools in the industry, which has helped owning machines less expensive for businesses and construction companies. Ground engaging tools are very durable, but it is vital to your business to keep and eye out for the wear and tear.

Rotating – It’s important to rotate the tips that are looking worn out to the center. Getting all the wear life out of your tips can help with production and efficiency.

Replacing when needed – When edges and tips are used up, your production will suffer, so it’s encouraged to replace these parts when they life is over. Don’t overuse them because your business will suffer from it. If you have any missing tips, digging will become more difficult and the base edge will wear out much quicker.

Extending the Life of Your Machines

Equipment can be damaged over time, but you can decrease the amount of damage by investing in ground engaging tools for your equipment. The ground engaging tools market is expected to increase significantly the coming years. New technology is being developed for more durable parts and attachments, so that mining and construction companies can get the most out of their equipment.

If you’re looking to increase production and save money with your equipment, Texas Contractors Equipment Inc. has you covered. With our supply of ground engaging tools/attachments, we provide the best manufactured tools to help you get the jobs done. Contact us at 713-776-1212 today!


The Houston Population Growth Continues to Rise

Houston has been in the top cities in the United States for new residents moving into the metro area. It will continue to grow this decade at a rapid rate. What effect will this have on the construction industry in the Houston metropolitan area?

ground engaging tools for apartment construction

Residential Growth Means More Construction

Houston is seeing an increase in construction projects for the develop of new residential homes and apartment complexes due to the rise in population. This is a major benefit to the construction industry because more housing developments will be necessary, which means construction and technological development will see a boom in the coming years.

According to Houston Public Media, “As long as people keep moving to Houston, development will push in all directions.” This is referring to the growth of not only the cities, but the suburbs as well. Apartments complexes, single-family homes, and town centers are being developed.

Construction for Highways and Housing

It’s an exciting time for the Houston area because more people are flocking to this city. It might be a little annoying for locals living in the area and seeing construction all around them, but the economy will benefit. Ground engaging tool companies such as Texas Contractors Equipment will be beneficial because of the amount of construction companies seeking new and helpful equipment to efficiently finish construction projects.

Where can companies find a plethora of ground engaging tools?

Texas Contractors Equipment is your go-to company for ground engaging tools/attachments in the Houston area. We carry brand named manufacturer’s equipment in our warehouse, and we are always on the lookout for new technologies to help the construction industry. We know the Houston population boom will ultimately benefit the people living here, and it is our job to deliver the best tools for efficient construction projects.

Contact Texas Contractors Equipment at 713-776-1212 today!

Will Autonomous Cars Change Highway Construction?

It’s true. Autonomous cars are making their way into our life day by day. What does this mean for the future? We can say that there will be extreme changes to the way the infrastructure in cities work, as well as the way construction is being done on highways and roads. Technology in the construction industry has been improving greatly over the years already, and now, they will be facing one of the greatest challenges in their history.

Texas Highway at Night

Autonomous Cars Will be Disruptive

If we think about how major cities rely on public transportation, we can see that it will be changing with the implementation of autonomous vehicles, as well as high-speed rail systems. Existing highways and street infrastructure will have to be upgraded to serve autonomous vehicles, which include intelligent transportation features. Technologies to upgrade the highways and road infrastructure will ultimately affect the way these projects are funded.

With all of these changes and more about to happen in this country, ground engaging tools will be playing a major role in the shift to new technologies on highways and roads. As infrastructure starts adjusting to serve the autonomous automotive industry, construction companies, local governments, and third-party planners will need ground engaging tools and attachments to make sure these industry upgrades and projects run smoothly and efficiently.

The Need for Better Roads in the Wake of Autonomous Cars

Smart infrastructure will have to follow the autonomous vehicle boom because pedestrian actions will affect the way autonomous cars function on the roads. Highways in Texas are already going through some significant changes due to the influx of people moving into the major city areas, so what will this mean when autonomous cars start taking over the streets? Adjustments will then have to be made to keep pedestrians and other human drivers safe. Communication between humans and autonomous cars will be a difficult task to solve.

Texas Contractors Equipment

Here at Texas Contractors Equipment, we realize technology and infrastructure is changing in the current times. We are always on the ball when it comes to ground engaging tools and their new technologies to help supply our clients and customers with the best tools for getting industrial and construction jobs done effectively and efficiently.

If you’re in need of ground engaging tools and attachments, contact Texas Contractors Equipment at 713-776-1212.

The Benefits of Ground Engaging Tools for Your Equipment

Whether you’re in the construction industry, mining industry, or any industry that uses heavy equipment and machinery, you know that those machines and equipment go through a heavy workload over several years. To increase the longevity of those machines, ground engaging tools can help!

Loader Bucket attachment

What are Ground Engaging Tools?

Ground engaging tools are tools and attachments that help to extend the life of your heavy equipment or machinery. They’re meant to improve the function and efficiency of these machines, so that your business will run smoothly and grow in the coming years.

Where Can My Business Get Ground Engaging Tools?

At Texas Contractors Equipment, we supply ESCO ground engaging tools for the mining, construction, excavating, contractors, and other industries. The tools that you need are designed to be durable and meant to withstand a heavy-duty workload including digging, gripping, and extracting.

Here are the Benefits:

With ground engaging tools, you’ll be able to enhance the productivity and profitability of your business and grow in your industry. If you’re looking to keep your heavy equipment and acquire more projects and jobs, ground engaging tools will help you in that quest.

  • Protect Equipment and Reduce Wear
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Improve Machines by Making them More Effective and Efficient
  • Extend the Longevity of Equipment
  • Easier Attachments
  • Improve the Growth of Your Business

Every business owner or construction company strives to have more success in their industry, make more money, and reap the benefits of those two. In order to do this, your employees and equipment must be working efficiently and effectively, so that other parts of your business don’t suffer. Ground Engaging tools are able to help in these aspects of your company.

Texas Contractors Equipment

Here at Texas Contractors Equipment, we provide ground engaging tools for the construction and mining industries. If you’re in need of these tools or attachments to improve your machinery/equipment, contact us at 713-776-1212 today!

Roadwork Update in North Texas

As we talked previously about the Sam Rayburn Tollway Fourth Lane Project, things are moving along efficiently. The tollway is being widened, so that traffic can move quicker and more consistently while the population growth increases in the North Texas area.

There is an additional lane being built, as well as ramp improvements. The completion date is set for 2021, which means over the next year or so, there will be plenty of roadwork being done in this area. On the plus side of the roadwork is that ground engaging tools and new construction technology is making it much easier for construction roadwork companies to move the pace up.

Texas highway construction

Continued Progress on State Highway 334 Bridge Project

In Henderson County, Texas, crews are continuing their work on the State Highway 334. This is a $40- million-dollar project that will include building new westbound bridges and upgrades to the existing bridges for eastbound traffic.

They will also be widening the two-lane island section connecting to two lake crossings to four-lane divided highway with a left turn lane continuing all the way down.

Originally, this construction was placed for 2027, but the Texas Transportation Commission allocated $27 million so the project could be moved right to construction speeding up the timeline.

The Benefits of Moving Quickly with Construction

As congestion continues to riddle North Texas and other parts of the state, construction on highways and roads are being done to help get traffic flow back to normal. We see more and more people moving to larger cities and more populated areas due to the job market. Numbers are rising in population, which means highways and roads will need to adjust their flow.

Ground engaging tools are playing a big role in helping move these construction projects along. At Texas Contractors Equipment, we provide ground engaging tools and construction tools for the industry. We are constantly updating and researching new technology in the meantime. Contact Texas Contractors Equipment at 713-776-1212 today!


Population Growth in Texas Pushes for Roadwork Construction

As the population growth increases all over the state of Texas, roadwork construction is starting to take over. It can be a good and bad thing for people in Texas. On one hand, you have the growth of population and an economy, but on the other hand, you have the rise of congestion on highways and roads due to traffic. Texas construction crews are working tirelessly to improve the highways and roads in North Texas.

Texas Highway construction

North Texas Roads

In North Texas, the population is growing rapidly by the day. The North Texas Tollway Authority is undertaking the Sam Rayburn Tollway Fourth Lane Project.

What does this entail?

A new ramp will be replacing the existing eastbound Parkwood Boulevard and Preston Road exit ramps and separating exiting and incoming traffic merging onto the Sam Rayburn Tollway from the Dallas North Tollway. The project is divided into two sections being built at the same time. Construction company crews have to deal with traffic at a high rate of speed while working. Speeding up the process of getting the project done is a must.

For travelers, they will have to deal with lane and ramp closures and detours while the project is going on. This pushes the crews to efficiently get the roadwork done, so that it doesn’t last too long for travelers. Many growing and upcoming cities deal with these problems, and North Texas is working hard to make sure they can minimize the time of construction.

What Does this Mean for Construction Companies?

The influx of people is good for the construction industry because it’s providing more work and growth to the industry, while improving the economy of North Texas. As the population growth continues, construction companies will be getting more work, which means construction equipment and tools will be needed to get projects done quickly and efficiently.

Texas Contractors Equipment supplies the industry with ground engaging tools/attachments. We have an inventory of several different manufactured products for the construction industry.  Contact Texas Contractors Equipment at 713-776-1212 today to learn more about our inventory!

GET Market Growth Projected to Increase in Coming Years

With the advancement of new technology every single year in the ground engaging tools, the market is projected to grow significantly in the next four or five years. This is great for the construction and mining industries. These new technological advancements can help the market growth become steady over the next several years.

Construction worker on constructionsite

New Technology Design

With new technology designs, it will benefit the market for a few years by growing steadily. Since there will be an increase in quality of tools and equipment, the replacement rate will slow down, but the price of these products will increase. This will increase the demand for specific ground engaging tools.

Why This is a Good Thing

It will benefit manufacturers, distributors and customers greatly. Why is this? Well, if the ground engaging tools are becoming more and more advanced with design, the price will go up, which benefits the manufacturers and distributers. Since the equipment is more durable and long-lasting, this will benefit the businesses using the tools because they won’t have to replace the tools as often.

The tools will also be more specific to application, which will improve the construction industry. The market will grow due to all of these aspects.

If you’d like to learn more about the new technological advancements and the industry growth, Texas Contractors Equipment encourages you to attend the CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020!


Texas Contractors Equipment

At Texas Contractors Equipment, we supply and stock ground engaging tools for the mining and construction industries in Houston, Texas with our 12,500 square-foot office/warehouse. We represent many different well-known and trusted manufacturers in the industry. If you’re in need of new ground engaging tools, please contact us at 713-776-1212 today and we’ll make sure you leave with the right equipment for your business.


ConExpo-Con/AGG 2020 is Partnering with Women in Construction

Women in construction have played an incredible role, and we are proud to have them be a vital part in the growth of this industry. The ConExpo-Con/AGG 2020 will be partnering with the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) and the Women of Asphalt (WOFA) for this upcoming event, which will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada from March 10-14.

Growing Role of Women in Construction

The role of women in the construction is growing, and this partnership will educate the industry on how women experience the job site opportunities. Women have faced challenges in the workplace for many years, and we want to keep our industry productive and safe for every single worker.

There will be several speakers at the event highlighting the role women play in the male-dominated industry.

What the Event Includes

This construction trade show is North America’s largest that represents different areas of the industry including asphalt, concrete, earthmoving, lifting, aggregates, mining, utilities, and more.

This event will include plenty of things to check out. With 2,800 exhibitors and 150 education sessions on different areas of the industry including the role women play in construction, this is a must-attend event.

Check out Texas Contractors Equipment for more information on the upcoming event because you may be able to win a trip to the trade show that will include a large reimbursement of the hotel and airfare and a free ticket to the trade show. Enter to win on our website!

Texas Contractors Equipment

Here at Texas Contractors Equipment, we supply the construction industry with ground engaging tools and attachments. We represent plenty of manufacturers at our warehouse in Houston, Texas. Contact us at 713-776-1212 to learn more about our products and the trade show coming up in 2020.

Stay Safe Around Heavy Machinery

Construction workers are constantly working with heavy equipment and machinery that can be very dangerous. It’s extremely important to practice safety when operating these machines. They can be very beneficial to many types of manual labor jobs including landscaping, construction, and farming.

Follow these safety practices:

Safely operating heavy equipment

Safely Operating Equipment

As an equipment operator, it’s important to be familiar with the machine you are operating. If you know the ins and outs of the machine, you’ll be able to assess a problem if there is one with the machine.

  • Always inspect the machine before operating (brake system, headlights, taillights, brake lights, wipers, audible warning devices)
  • Adjust mirrors for blind spots
  • Know your surroundings (workers, terrain)
  • Turn off the engine and engage brakes after using
  • Always wear seatbelt
  • Avoid overloading the machine (know its limits)

Safely Standing by Heavy Equipment

There should always be workers practicing safety when someone is operating the heavy machinery. A spotter is recommended, so the operator knows their surroundings. A spotter should be trained in hand signals, so they can direct the operator in situations where they need it.

For workers around the operator:

  • Wear visible clothing the operator can see
  • Avoid being in blind spots or riding on the equipment
  • Make sure the operator knows you’re in the area
  • Ride in approved seats only

Practicing safety around heavy machinery and operating machinery is important when working manual labor. Avoiding accidents is the most important thing in construction fields.

Is your company in need of heavy machinery parts? Texas Contractors Equipment Inc. provides different ground engaging tools/attachments for the greater southeast Texas region and other selected areas. Operating heavy machinery should be done in a safe way and making sure the right working parts of the machine are in order is crucial to the safety recipe. Contact Texas Contractors Equipment Inc. at 713-271-1902!