The Grand Parkway Extension in Houston

In other news, there is an agreement to start working on a Grand Parkway extension in Houston that will extend from League City to Alvin. This is an expansion that will be a proposed 180-mile circumferential highway traversing seven counties in the Greater Houston area.

Grand Parkway construction underway

Taking Steps to Improve Traffic and Safety in Houston

The flow of traffic and transportation is extremely important in the Houston area. As we see the population grow, construction companies and contractors will be put to the test to improve the way we travel for safety and the decrease of congestion on highways.

This Helps Construction Companies Stay in Business

As these projects move forward in the right direction, construction and mining companies continue to get work. With the help of high-quality ground engaging tools/attachments, projects like these will start to improve transportation, and we’ll see more projects get planned.

Improvements Being Planned:

  • Widening the highway
  • Expanding for more lanes
  • Continuing to build the entire loop

These plans to improve the construction project is due to the observed traffic congestion. This might be counter intuitive to the average citizen as the project for the loop isn’t even completed yet, but it’s necessary for the bigger picture. Improvements during a specific highway project are good signs because it tells us that even during the process, the people in charge are seeing that they can make improvements during the job.

What Can Help Contractors Work on the Fly and Make Major Adjustments?

The answer is of course ground engaging tools/attachments. Having the proper equipment that won’t break down is the key to completing large scale highway projects around the Houston area. At Texas Contractors Equipment, we’re in the business of providing contractors with ground engaging tools/attachments to help with the completion of projects like this. Contact Texas Contractors Equipment at 713-776-1212 today or visit us online for more information!

Update on Houston’s I-45 Highway Project

After two years of negotiating, The Texas Department of Transportation has come to an agreement with Houston’s Mayor, which has helped to move the I-45 highway improvement project in the right direction. This is a major step in the process of helping to improve highways in the Houston area. Many major cities in Texas have seen significant population growth in the last few years, which means our highways will need to adjust to the increase in traffic and commute.

I-45 Texas highway construction under way

What Will This Project Address?

The NHHIP will be a huge upgrade to the highway. Here are some of the plans:

  • Improve safety and operations
  • Address traffic congestion
  • Expanded transit and carpool opportunities
  • Improve the highway for emergency evacuation route
  • Improve storm drainage

These are just a few of the upgrades and plans for the I-45 improvement project. As the city of Houston grows with population and traffic, highways will need to adjust. We’re excited to hear that this construction project is moving forward. This will benefit the people already living in the area and the transports moving into the area.

The Benefits of this Highway Construction Project

While we’re in the business of providing construction and mining companies with state of the art ground engaging tools/attachments, we’re excited for this project because it will ultimately help construction companies with business. We’re proud to be partnered with several established ground engaging tool providers because we can supply contractors with the proper equipment and attachments for these specific projects.

At Texas Contractors Equipment, our mission is to provide ground engaging tools/attachments for construction and mining companies. We take pride in providing these tools because we know that they improve the quality of each project. They also make sure that each project stays on track. Contact Texas Contractors Equipment at 713-776-1212 today or visit us online for more information!


Maintaining Ground Engaging Tools for Bettering Your Projects

Having the proper equipment for a construction job is extremely important. More importantly, the parts and attachments used on these machines also need to be in good condition. For ground engaging tools, they can easily go through wear and tear.

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your ground engaging tools, so they can last longer!

Bulldozer bucket being used in construction

Increase Efficiency and Production

Innovations are driving improved ground engaging tools in the industry, which has helped owning machines less expensive for businesses and construction companies. Ground engaging tools are very durable, but it is vital to your business to keep and eye out for the wear and tear.

Rotating – It’s important to rotate the tips that are looking worn out to the center. Getting all the wear life out of your tips can help with production and efficiency.

Replacing when needed – When edges and tips are used up, your production will suffer, so it’s encouraged to replace these parts when they life is over. Don’t overuse them because your business will suffer from it. If you have any missing tips, digging will become more difficult and the base edge will wear out much quicker.

Extending the Life of Your Machines

Equipment can be damaged over time, but you can decrease the amount of damage by investing in ground engaging tools for your equipment. The ground engaging tools market is expected to increase significantly the coming years. New technology is being developed for more durable parts and attachments, so that mining and construction companies can get the most out of their equipment.

If you’re looking to increase production and save money with your equipment, Texas Contractors Equipment Inc. has you covered. With our supply of ground engaging tools/attachments, we provide the best manufactured tools to help you get the jobs done. Contact us at 713-776-1212 today!


Comparing the Benefits of Rubber Tracks and Steel Tracks

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to rubber Trojan Tracks. Compared to steel tracks, rubber tracks work well on grass and dirt, but when the weather conditions are wet and muddy, steel tracks work better because they offer more traction.

Trojan rubber tracks

Let’s compare the two:

What’s the more affordable track?

Up front, rubber tracks cost much less, but in the long run, they have to be replaced more often if you’re using them quite a bit. Steel tracks are more durable, which means they last longer, but the cost up front is greater.

More Efficient?

For more efficient work, rubber tracks reduce vibration, which means they drive much faster than steel tracks. Also, when there is lower vibration, it leads to longer life. Less maintenance for your tracks will cut costs in the future.


Rubber tracks are the winner in this one. Steel tracks create a loud clattering when they’re driven, but rubber tracks are quiet.

Trojan Tracks

Trojan Tracks is a leading supplier of rubber tracks, solid skid steer tires, and undercarriage parts for compact track loaders, mini-excavators, directional drills, and crawler dumpers.

Texas Contractors Equipment Inc. is a family owned business that offers Trojan Tracks. If you’re in need of parts and tracks from this manufacturer, we can get these to you as soon as possible, so that you can start working on your project immediately.

Texas Contractors Equipment Inc.

Here at Texas Contractors Equipment Inc., we have been supplying manufactured parts and top-notch ground engaging tools and product support to the construction industry. We help companies get what they need in an efficient and immediate way. Contact Texas Contractors Equipment Inc. at 713-776-1212 or 800-483-9266 today!

The Benefits of Ground Engaging Tools for Your Equipment

Whether you’re in the construction industry, mining industry, or any industry that uses heavy equipment and machinery, you know that those machines and equipment go through a heavy workload over several years. To increase the longevity of those machines, ground engaging tools can help!

Loader Bucket attachment

What are Ground Engaging Tools?

Ground engaging tools are tools and attachments that help to extend the life of your heavy equipment or machinery. They’re meant to improve the function and efficiency of these machines, so that your business will run smoothly and grow in the coming years.

Where Can My Business Get Ground Engaging Tools?

At Texas Contractors Equipment, we supply ESCO® ground engaging tools for the mining, construction, excavating, contractors, and other industries. The tools that you need are designed to be durable and meant to withstand a heavy-duty workload including digging, gripping, and extracting.

Here are the Benefits:

With ground engaging tools, you’ll be able to enhance the productivity and profitability of your business and grow in your industry. If you’re looking to keep your heavy equipment and acquire more projects and jobs, ground engaging tools will help you in that quest.

  • Protect Equipment and Reduce Wear
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Improve Machines by Making them More Effective and Efficient
  • Extend the Longevity of Equipment
  • Easier Attachments
  • Improve the Growth of Your Business

Every business owner or construction company strives to have more success in their industry, make more money, and reap the benefits of those two. In order to do this, your employees and equipment must be working efficiently and effectively, so that other parts of your business don’t suffer. Ground Engaging tools are able to help in these aspects of your company.

Texas Contractors Equipment

Here at Texas Contractors Equipment, we provide ground engaging tools for the construction and mining industries. If you’re in need of these tools or attachments to improve your machinery/equipment, contact us at 713-776-1212 today!

Maintaining Ground Engaging Tools for Construction and Mining

When you’re in the middle of a labor-intensive project, your company counts on ground engaging tools to do a lot of the dirty work. From big backhoe buckets to small bucket teeth, you probably use all kinds of ground engaging tools to help you get your projects done. You need to make sure you’re maintaining these tools at all times to keep your equipment up and running so it can do its job.

Construction site from aerial view

Here are several tips that will make it easier for you when maintaining ground engaging tools.

Inspect Ground Engaging Tools Before Use

Every single time you go to use ground engaging tools, you should inspect them. In fact, you should get into the habit of inspecting your ground engaging tools any time you do maintenance to your company’s heavy-duty equipment. Just because ground engaging tools were in good shape yesterday doesn’t mean they don’t need to be repaired or replaced today.

Wear patterns with Ground Engaging Tools

One of the things you should look for when it comes to inspecting ground engaging tools is uneven wear. If, for example, the teeth on a bucket are wearing down unevenly, it’s important for you to figure out why. Something is likely out of whack with your ground engaging tools and causing the uneven wear. A small correction could fix the issue and allow your tools to last a lot longer.

Replacing Ground Engaging Tools/Attachments with Texas Contractors Equipment

Ground engaging tools aren’t going to last forever. No matter how diligent you are about maintaining them, you’ll need to replace them at some point in time. When you do, make sure you get your hands on high-quality replacements. This will make them much easier to maintain over time.

Texas Contractors Equipment specializes in selling the high-quality ground engaging tools that companies need to handle their toughest jobs. Call us at 713-776-1212 to find out more about the ground engaging tool manufacturers that we work with.

New Loader Buckets for Construction Equipment

When It comes to machinery that uses bucket attachments, it’s important to make sure that your bucket is working properly and not damages. This could affect production on a jobsite, and at this moment in time, construction is considered essential, so jobs have to be done.

New loader bucket

Signs You Need a New Bucket

Bucket loaders go through plenty of work lifting heavy materials on the daily, which means after a while, they’re bound to become worn down. With Texas Contractors Equipment, we can provide you with a loader bucket to replace your old one.

  • When edges or tips are worn
  • Missing Tips and broken ones
  • Not rotating and replacing attachments

These common signs or causes will make for worse job conditions and production abilities. Getting the most out of your tools with produce efficient construction work. Texas is still continuing construction of highways and building during the Coronavirus Pandemic, which means employees are working further apart. There are also less employees on the jobsite, so communication is key. If your equipment isn’t in the best shape, this can affect the efficiency of getting the construction job done.

Texas Contractors Equipment

At Texas Contractors Equipment, we are providing new ground engaging tools/attachments for mining and construction companies. Having the proper tools and attachments for the construction will ultimately benefit producing the best results. We want you to know that we are here to provide you with the best ground engaging tools/attachments that you need.

Contact Texas Contractors Equipment at 713-776-1212 today to learn how we can help.

Tube Brooms Being Used as Cattle Scratchers in Texas

In the state of Texas, cattle ranches are extremely common. The ranchers are always concerned with keeping their cattle healthy and hydrated during the droughts that arrive in particular seasons. When it comes to certain farm equipment, many ranchers are purchasing Tube Brooms and using them as Cattle Scratchers.

Tubebrooms being used as cattle scratchers

From Susan Whitney at 30 Thousand Oaks Farm & Ranch:

“Our ranch is 1,000 acres and in Hallettsville, Texas, we have 40 cows and one longhorn. We are new to ranching, since 2019. My husband is an orthopedic veterinary surgeon, on the brink of retirement and fulfilling a lifelong dream of ranching. I’m just an empty nest mom, trying to take care of anything and everything. I saw something on Tik Tok about how cows loved to have something to scratch on….. voila…. our cow scratcher. Now I’m looking for the next thing they need.”

The cows, “They love it!”

The three tube brooms she bought is manufactured by Keystone Plastics in New Jersey…This tube broom is all poly with dimensions of 8.5″ ID x 36″ OD x 60″ Long.

Adjusting Your Land to Help Your Cattle

One of the beautiful things about being a landowner and rancher is the amount of adjusting you are able to do to your property. Obviously, this customer came up with a creative way to help her cattle out during rough times on the ranch. Having plenty of land can help you to ensure the hydration of your cattle. Ensuring your cattle have access to clean and plentiful water sources is essential to their survival.

To avoid water deprivation, ensure water is readily available to your cattle daily. Check the pumps that draw water from wells. Make sure troughs and tanks contain water. Ensure nipple waterers in barns are working properly.

New Pastures for Cattle

Sometimes, introducing cattle to new pastures is necessary, which takes time and precision. Whenever you need to adjust your land, move materials, or level out land, it’s important to have the proper equipment, as well as attachments. You never want to scramble with non-functional ground engaging tools/attachments.

At Texas Contractors Equipment, we can provide ranchers with high-quality ground engaging tools/attachments. We also carry Tube Brooms, which can be used as Cattle Scratchers for your cattle.

Construction equipment requires functioning parts to get jobs done. Whether it’s a mining job, construction job, or farming job, the proper equipment will serve you well in the long run.

Contact Texas Contractors Equipment at 713-776-1212 today or visit us online for more information!

Highway Construction for the Next 10 Years in Houston

Houston, TX is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Not only is the state of Texas in general growing, but the major cities like Houston and Austin have seen a significant climb in population in recent years. Highway construction has begun to help improve the flow of traffic and the influx of new residents throughout the region.

Texas Construction workers for Highway I-45

For the next 10 years, construction will be ongoing to help improve the city of Houston. What does this mean for jobs? Well, construction job opportunities will grow, and opportunities for construction equipment sales will skyrocket.

Benefits of the I-45 Highway Construction

Work is already in place to expand the Gulf Freeway, but future plans are to widen the highway all the way into Galveston County from the Causeway Bridge to 61st Street starting in 2023. The Unified Transportation Program is using funds and campaigns to improve many facets of transportation in the state of Texas.

I-45 is just one example of several projects over the next 10 years that will improve the flow of traffic, as well as transportation industry in the city of Houston and the regions outside. The people of Houston will benefit with safer highways, lighter traffic, and improved roads and ways of transportation.

Bringing Construction Jobs and Opportunities to Houston

With the plan for major renovations to highways and transportation, Houston will see a spike in job opportunities across the board. The construction industry will need manual workers, tech workers, equipment operators, project managers, and much more for these construction jobs to be completed.

What does this tell us about education?

The construction industry offers many different ways to become a professional. Many two-year programs at universities and even community colleges offer opportunities to become a construction professional. You don’t necessarily need to go to a four-year college.

Construction and Mining Equipment Market

When there is plenty of construction being done, construction and mining equipment will be in high demand, which means that ground engaging tools/attachments will be needed for construction companies to properly use their heavy machinery at the jobsite.

At Texas Contractors Equipment, we provide high-quality ground engaging tools/attachments from state-of-the-art brand names. We take pride in delivering these products to companies who need them for their construction jobs. If you’re in need of any ground engaging tools/attachments, reach out to us today at 713-776-1212 or visit us online for more information!

ESCO® General Purpose Buckets for Wheel Loaders

ESCO® – (Electric Steel Company) based in Portland, Oregon with manufacturing sites all around the world, since 1913 the privately help company designs and manufactures products for many types of applications for example: ground engaging tools for construction, mines, dredging, crushing, conveying, and rigging.  They also provide design and manufacturing drilling tools for the oil and gas industries.

As a dealer for them for the past 30 some years we have been very impressed with the innovation of ESCO® in their new designs and new products.

ESCO General Purpose Buckets Have Been Construction Companies’ Dream

The engineers at ESCO® have done wonders with their competitive line of General Purpose Buckets for Wheel Loaders.esco-gp-loader-bucket

The GP Bucket features reinforcement plates and AR400 wear protection in the high wear areas of the bucket.  Standard items for this bucket is a spill guard, bolt-on skid plates, bolt-on replaceable cutting edge and can be mounted with a direct connection or use a quick couple connection.

NOTE: ESCO® GP bucket edge(s) comes with the corresponding OEM bolt pattern unless otherwise specified.


The Wheel Loader class is from 10 to 50 metric tons.  ESCO® so far has made buckets for Cat, Komatsu, Deere, and Volvo.  When more become available Esco® will announce it.


If you want reliable service from the bucket, it is manufactured with precision. To ensure performance and long life, they use premium materials. If you want more production, their design is optimal, and for safety, the maintenance on this bucket is reduced.

At Texas Contractors Equipment, we are a licensed dealer in ESCO® products. You can find buckets for your wheel loader from us. If you’re looking to invest in better equipment for the jobsite, especially ground engaging tools/attachments, contact us today at 713-776-1212 for more information!