New Construction Technology Paving the Way to Other Planets

Texas A&M has been diving deep into new construction materials that could be used on other planets. As we know, the NASA rover landed on Mars, which is a promising accomplishment for our country and space exploration. Construction technology has come a long way on our planet, but if we’re advancing our construction technology to be implemented on foreign planets, this creates a promising future for all space exploration and every company involved in construction and mining.

Heavy machinery for construction

Hydraulic hammer in the works of extension of a highway at the end of the day

Sustainable Construction Materials

We’re trending towards sustainable materials for construction in the industry due to many reasons. Our world is shifting towards energy-efficiency that is environmentally friendly. With the improvement of highways, home building, and commercial construction, the construction and mining world is changing and advancing for the better.

Sustainability is necessary for the exploration of other planets and innovations. If we plan to explore Mars, we need to make sure our construction materials and technology is sustainable on other planets. Texas A&M research programs in this field are doing exactly this. Researching new technologies and materials that can be used on Mars will advance the industry to a whole new level.

Ground Engaging Tools/Attachments will Help Construction Projects

As we look forward to the future of space exploration, we still have to improve our techniques and technology for our own planet. With ground engaging tools/attachments, we’ll be able to construct projects in a more efficient and timely manner ensuring the advancement of the construction industry. We can focus on improving sustainable materials and energy efficient construction.

Texas Contractors Equipment

At Texas Contractors Equipment, we are proud to be serving the construction and mining industries with ESCO® tools and ground engaging tools/attachments. With updated equipment and new technology for heavy machinery and tools, the construction in our country will advance to new levels of efficiency for the better.

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Texas Construction Industry Hit from Severe Winter Storms

Texans this winter have experienced record breaking severe winter storms. The ice and snow have caused many hardships in the state of Texas. We’re not used to the severe winter weather here, so being prepared has not been the best. The construction industry has had to halt many projects due to the bad weather.

This is not the best situation because Texas has been witnessing a boom in the growth of population across the state. Many residents of California, as well as young professionals are flocking to Texas for new opportunities and jobs.

Texas Construction affected by snowstorms

Unusual Times for Construction

Contractors are lucky to be able to extend their construction timelines because of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as unprecedented bad weather. This is good for the state because it will allow contractors to take a pause and still be able to get back to their construction without worrying about shutting down projects.

ESCO® Technology Improving Construction

Luckily, besides shutdowns and bad weather, ESCO® tools are playing a major role in helping contractors and heavy equipment operators move forward and finish jobs on time. The ground engaging tools/attachments that ESCO® provides to contractors cuts back on downtime, repairs, and other hiccups. It allows for longevity with construction equipment and machinery, so workers can easily get jobs done and tackle large projects.

Texas Contractors Equipment

At Texas Contractors Equipment, we’re proud to be able to supply ESCO® tools and attachments to contractors around the state of Texas. We understand the important of completed construction and mining projects, which is why we’re constantly researching new technology to help contractors. We are hopeful for the future of construction in Houston and the surrounding areas of Texas.

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ESCO® Technology and Sustainability

ESCO® technology has advanced so much in recent years for the mining and construction industry. We’ve seen the overall growth and innovation of technology skyrocket, but for the construction industry, we’re proud to see ESCO® technology become even more advanced.

With the world turning towards sustainable energy and living, the construction industry also turns towards it as well.

Construction and mining equipment

ESCO Recognizes Sustainability

ESCO® has been making major progress in managing environmental and social impacts. Over recent years, they’re working towards making ESCO® products and tools more efficient and environmentally sustainable. They recognize the importance of combatting climate change with new technology. With the launch of ESCO® sustainability website, they can track their progress of sustainability reports and measures.

How Will ESCO Help the Energy Industry Move Forward with Sustainability?

With the solar industry continuing to improve, contractors will need all the tools they can get to ensure projects are completed on time and properly. ESCO® tools will make sure that happens. Research on new energy-efficient technology is coming into play every single day, which means when projects are set and ready to go, they’ll be counting on high-quality construction equipment, knowledge, and technology to execute those projects.

Sustainable energy production needs all of the help in the world. We’re not quite there yet with the amount of production that needs to be done for sustainability and the environment, so it’s essential that ESCO® technology is improving at the same time, so the success of projects will be perfect for the future!

The Benefits of Sustainable Technology in Construction

The way the world is continuing to move forward incorporates every industry. New technology within the construction and mining industries are helping pave the way to a more sustainable and environmentally safe life. With ESCO® technologies being heavily involved with sustainable equipment, our infrastructure and construction will be much more attainable.

Roads and highways that are improving for sustainable building, safety, and energy efficiency will need ESCO® attachments/tools to help finish these projects quickly and safely.

ESCO’s Sustainability Mission

ESCO® has been incorporating sustainability into their business because of the importance and impact in makes on the environment. ESCO® attachments and tools are extremely important in the construction and mining industries. By using less waste, driving down costs, and implementing new technologies to improve the environment, ESCO® is on the forefront of sustainability.

The Benefits of ESCO® Products for Sustainability:

  • Cost-Effective Savings
  • Energy Efficiency
  • New Technology
  • Less Repairs
  • Less Downtime
  • More Innovative Construction

Texas Contractors Equipment

We can look forward to seeing what happens with the new innovative technology and ESCO® products. The infrastructure will be changing for the better, and sustainability and energy-efficiency will benefit from ESCO® products down the road. At Texas Contractors Equipment, we have been supplying ESCO® tools and products for the construction and mining industries for over 40 years. We understand how important it is to finish a construction job in our area of Texas, and we believe the future is bright for those industries that deal with ESCO®. We are proud to be helping contractors get the proper equipment and tools they need to continue their construction jobs and projects with ease and quickness.

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How the Construction Industry is Integrating AI

Artificial Intelligence has become a major part of our lives when it comes technological advancement. It also is becoming more workforce friendly in the construction industry with new remote-control technology. There is more and more evidence now to show that AI is in fact improving production on all levels. It can be a major benefit to the construction industry going forward.

AI in Construction

Artificial intelligence in Construction

Researchers are now receiving grants from the National Science Foundation and the Discovery Partners Institute to establish a National Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Construction. Industry partners will be joining the team of researchers, which means there will be a collaborative effort to study the impact that AI can have when we implement technology into construction. By bringing solutions to the construction environment, we can develop new jobs, skills, and experience to further the progress of our construction.

The Benefits of AI for Construction

Like we said above, jobs and skills will be created with this process and development. However, there will be a challenge to make sure that they provide the benefits that we desire. Here are some benefits that could come out of this research:

  • New and innovative technology for construction
  • Produce jobs worldwide in the construction industry
  • Provide better operation and production
  • Advance construction jobs with new technology
  • Create safer equipment and a safer work environment

What Does This Mean for the Future of Construction?

As we continue to look forward to future technology, which is designed to better our lives, we also look to other companies in the construction industry that play a vital role in moving forward. One company that has always been looking for new and improved ways to help the construction and mining industries is Texas Contractors Equipment in Texas. With ground engaging tools/attachments and ESCO® Industry products, we can help you better your equipment for the workload.

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What Will 2021 Look Like for the Construction Industry?

As we round third and head home into the year 2021, we take a look back at the crisis of 2020. This year was very challenging and devastating for the world with the Coronavirus Pandemic surging across the planet in March. The United States and many other countries had to fight the virus while try and recover from lockdowns and restrictions. Economies were struggling to move up. With all of the turmoil that occurred, what does the year 2021 look like for construction?

Construction in 2021

Construction in 2020

As lockdowns hit the country, the construction industry had to take a slight pause in construction jobs. With less people working due to the virus, layoffs, and other cutbacks, jobs were put on hold, slowed down, and rescheduled. Now, we’re seeing construction climb back out of the ditch with residential construction back on track and many construction workers getting back to their regular jobs. This a great sign for the industry and the country.

With everything that hit in 2020, the construction industry will change essentially for the better. New technology and better construction working environments could propel the industry into new horizons.

Looking Towards 2021

Some predict the problems of 2020 in construction to spill over and continue in the new year. Why is this? Well, for one, the pandemic can still linger into the new year with people’s concerns of the virus. Workers will look for other jobs where they can stay safer. Other reasons could be the supply chain issues, as well as the rising of prices for equipment for jobs.

Other experts believe we will have a major bounce back with construction jobs due to new technology and a change of protocols. Some evidence can point to new remote-control technology for heavy equipment and machinery on the job site.

Construction Industry Will Improve

As a ground engaging tools/attachments supplier, Texas Contractors Equipment believes the construction industry will have a major bounce back. We supply ESCO® Industry products for construction and mining companies, as well as ground engaging tools/attachments. Our mission is to help jobs get done efficiently and quickly, so the industry will continue to grow. Contact Texas Contractors Equipment at 713-776-1212 today or visit us online for more information!

The Benefits of Improving Our Transportation System

Many European countries have been able to perfect their transportation systems to the point where automobiles in cities are not a necessity. With the implementation of metro systems and above ground electric railcars, the flow of traffic is much smoother than places like the United States. As we’ve been hearing in recent years, the United States has been looking into ways to improve the transportation system here in our country.

United States Transportation system

Why is a Transportation System Important?

The United States has relied on the auto industry for over a hundred years. Building new roads and highways has brought thousands of construction jobs and infrastructure careers for many decades. There is a benefit to having these in place, but is there more we can do to improve our way of life? We can’t always ignore other countries’ success because we live in a larger country. We can truly benefit from some of the infrastructure capabilities of other countries and apply it to ours.

With improved transportation in our country with electric rail cars in cities, high speed trains across the country, and better highways, we can eliminate traffic, accidents, and energy costs. It also just makes our technological abilities much more successful for the long run.

High Speed Rails

As we’ve said in a previous blog post, there are steps that transportation and construction companies are taking to make high speed trains a reality in the United States, especially in large populated cities. This way of transportation can reduce traffic, save time for people, and give us another energy beneficial way to travel.

Highways Will be Improved

With the birth of electric cars, we’re going to see a potential growth in jobs, as well as construction jobs to help improve our highway system. As the technology for these cars gets much better, we’ll see our highways get better as a result. The major question is how will we get these types of construction and infrastructure jobs done? It’s going have to take quite a bit of dedication and hard work.

Acquiring the Proper Equipment

In order for our country to improve our infrastructure and transportation systems, we have to supply the construction and mining industry with the right tools to get the jobs done. With heavy equipment, the parts and attachments need to be updated and working in order for job sites to make progress quickly and efficiently. With a little help from the ESCO® Industry and ground engaging tools/attachments, Texas Contractors Equipment will be able to provide new and innovative technology for these jobs.

Texas Contractors Equipment

Our company has been a proud provider of ground engaging tools/attachments and ESCO industry products for many years. We take pride in helping the Texas construction industry develop beautiful and proper working infrastructure for several cities. We believe that new technology in the industry will only improve our lives even more. That is one reason why we’re always looking for new ground engaging tools/attachments for heavy equipment machinery. If you are in need of any ESCO products or ground engaging tools/attachments, contact Texas Contractors Equipment at 713-776-1212 today or visit us online for more information!

ESCO® Dealer for 35 Years – Texas Contractors Equipment

Here at Texas Contractors Equipment, we are proud to have been awarded a plaque from ESCO® that acknowledges our hard work and dedication to the ESCO® brand. We are receiving this plaque due to us being a provider and dealer of ESCO® products for 35 years!

ESCO Plaque for Texas Contractors Equipment

Our Success Over the Years

Construction and mining companies have been relying on our products to help them with their heavy equipment and machinery. Without us, they could lose jobs, experience downtime with unproductive attachments and equipment, and decrease their business’s success.

For over 35 years, we have been able to provide contractors in the construction and mining industries with the proper ground engaging tools/attachments for their jobs. We have always been a leader in the industry looking for new and updated tools, so construction can grow in Texas and the United States.

ESCO® for the Future

Our mission is to continue to provide superior products of ESCO’s throughout the years to come. With new research and innovation, the brand will grow. We want to increase sales across the region, so the tools and attachments we provide will create more efficient production and infrastructure projects. We can’t wait for the years to come when we can continue to increase our footprint.

Texas Contractors Equipment

If you’re looking to update or improve your attachments and tools, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Contact Texas Contractors Equipment at 713-776-1212 today or visit us online for more information on ESCO® products and ground engaging tools/attachments!

High-Speed Rail is Coming to Texas

Texas construction continues to push forward. In 2021, construction will start for a high-speed line traveling between Dallas and Houston with a station stop in the Brazos Valley near Texas A&M University. This rail is predicted to be built for a speed of 320km/h with a duration of less than 1h and 30 minutes.

High speed train coming to Texas

High-Speed Rail to Replicate the Japanese Rail

The rail is going to be built based on the Japanese high-speed train that has been around for 55 years. The success of the train should be looked at as an opportunity for the Texas train, as well as other high-speed trains to come.

Texas has been pushing more infrastructure improvements due to the population growth in Houston and other parts of the state. We are proud of the improvements because it makes the state an example for other parts of the country to improve their own infrastructure, housing projects, commercial construction projects, and energy savings construction.

How Will This Train Help Texas?

The high-speed train will help not only Texas, but it will also provide a steppingstone for our country. We can take a look at other countries that have successfully built high-speed trains and make it a priority in our country as well. For Texas dealing with population growth, this will give the state a better transportation system for business and travel efficiency.

Here are some benefits:

  • Travel Efficiency
  • Business
  • Transportation Improvement
  • Decrease Traffic
  • Minimize Fossil-Fuel Emissions

Texas Contractors Equipment

At Texas Contractors Equipment, we are proud of the Texas construction industry going forward with the high-speed rail project in the state. This provides jobs for many contractors, companies and individuals. We can help provide construction and mining companies with ground engaging tools/attachments for their equipment and machinery.

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An Up and Down Year for the Construction Industry

With the COVID-19 Pandemic devastating our world and causing the loss of jobs and a major health crisis, the construction industry went on a wild rollercoaster ride like many other industries. After the lockdown of the majority of countries, construction slowed down at first because of CDC guidelines of social distancing. At the beginning, we didn’t understand how to handle the pandemic. After a while, construction got back to work.

Construction work during COVID-19

Construction Spending Up in August

In August, the housing demand started rising, and the construction industry had to start spending more money on housing jobs. It’s crazy how the economy fluctuates, and how a pandemic can really put a damper on it. Construction spending has gone up since 2019 by about $37 billion, which is an interesting thought considering the pandemic hit us in 2020.

The Benefits of Construction Spending

This is a benefit for the construction industry. If the industry is spending more money for building houses, that means the market is going up. This also provides a benefit for the ESCO industry. If construction is booming, ground engaging tools/attachments will be in high demand. Construction relies on proper-running construction equipment and tools, and if your equipment isn’t running well, construction will be delayed. No one likes when construction takes longer than expected, which is why it’s encouraged to have updated ground engaging tools/attachments for your job.

Where Should Construction Companies Look for Ground Engaging Tools?

At Texas Contractors Equipment, we can provide ground engaging tools/attachments for construction companies and mining companies who are working on projects using heavy equipment and machinery. The housing market is currently trending upward, which means these home projects are in demand for quick and efficient construction.

Why Choose Texas Contractors Equipment?

We have been serving the Southeast Texas region for over 40 years supplying construction companies and mining companies with efficient ground engaging tools/attachments for their projects. We take pride in providing improved equipment, so we can see the infrastructure of Texas progress forward.

We’re hoping to see the housing market grow more, so we can help provide these companies with the tools and equipment they need to succeed. If you’re in need of new ground engaging tools/attachments for your construction and mining equipment, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a very trustworthy company. Contact Texas Contractors Equipment at 713-776-1212 today or visit us online for more information!


Transportation is Changing in Our Country

With all the new innovative technology coming our way, transportation has evolved and adapted with the current climate in our country. High-speed trains are becoming more relevant. It’s a shock it took this long considering cities all over Europe have trains and high-speed trains as a major mode of transportation. The United States was built a little differently, but now we’re seeing a trend for new construction of transportation modes.

High speed rail construction

Dallas to Houston: High-Speed Rail Construction

A high-speed rail project from Dallas to Houston was struggling with some hurdles, but as of recent, they just jumped over a big one, which will make it much easier to build. Regulations had to be sorted out, and the Surface Transportation Board reversed a prior decision making it easier to build the rail. They now have jurisdiction over the project, which means if they are looking more closely and reversing previous decisions, it shows promise to the project.

Before construction begins, there are a few other hurdles to jump over, but it is looking promising for this project to move forward. What will this mean for people? Well, a high-speed rail from Dallas to Houston will make it much easier for travelers and businesses to conduct their business between cities.

The Benefits of a High-Speed Rail

There are plenty of benefits that come with building a high-speed rail between cities. For one, it cuts traffic way down, which we are currently seeing more of in Texas due to the population increase. Many younger folks are moving to major cities in Texas causing highways and streets to be packed with cars. Adding a high-speed rail can minimize drivers on highways.

Here are some major benefits:

  • Less Traffic
  • Quicker Transportation
  • Cut down on Fossil Fuel Emissions
  • Build a more Sustainable Transportation system

Texas Contractors Equipment

At Texas Contractors Equipment, we are happy to hear about new construction projects in the state of Texas because it’s a sign of progress and innovation. Making life easier for the people of Texas is a top priority, and we can help construction companies and contractors do just that. With our ground engaging tools/attachments, we will see construction and mining companies finish projects on time with greater efficiency.

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