Three Benefits of Ground Engaging Tools

Excavator bucket digging dirtShould you run a business that requires digging, gripping and extracting materials on a daily basis, it is essential to have reliable ground engaging tools.

They will not only supply superior functionality to get the job done, but durability from the constant abrasions and impacts they face on a daily basis.

In this post, we will discuss a few benefits that ground engaging tools offer those in construction, mining, industrial businesses and more.

They offer power & performance

Maybe the number one reason to choose ground engaging tools is for their ability to dig through a variety of materials with ease while streamlining your operations.

These powerful metal tools will cut through earth with great efficiency, boost productivity for your business and allow for your projects to be completed on time, each and every time.

While they may be an investment upfront, they will be well worth the cost when you consider the ease with which your business will be able to get projects completed and the positive image it will create.

They protect machines from damage

Another benefit of choosing ground engaging tools for your business is their ability to protect your machines. Since they are able to dig, grip and extract with such success, they won’t add any undue pressure to your machines themselves that can cause stress and damage over time.

This will not only save you money by avoiding expensive maintenance and repairs but will also allow you to continue getting the job done without any stoppages.

They’re extremely durable

While ground engaging tools offer the power and protection that is required, they are also extremely durable themselves and will stand up to a large amount of wear and tear. No matter how many times they may be used, the right ground engaging tools can last for many years when properly maintained.

This will save you even further by avoiding the need to have well-used parts replaced on a regular basis. If maintenance or a repair does need to be done, a blade or tip can be replaced with ease, allowing you to get the machine back to work quickly.

When you’re interested in purchasing ground engaging tools of any kind for your business, we ask that you reach out to our experienced and friendly team at Texas Contractors Equipment Inc.

We are Houston’s one-stop shop for ground engaging tools and are proud to have served our community and beyond for nearly 50 years.

A family-owned and -operated business, we take pride in delivering top notch ground engaging tools and product support to the construction industry and work alongside many top manufacturers including ESCO®.

Texas to Benefit from Newly Passed Infrastructure Bill

Men at work on a bridge over a highwayWith the stroke of a pen this past November, President Joe Biden passed into law the highly anticipated $1 trillion infrastructure bill.

The bill was passed to create jobs across the country for the fixing and building of bridges and roads, expanding broadband internet access and more.

While this is certainly an exciting development for many communities that have been hit hard by the pandemic, people are left wondering exactly how this money will be allocated and spent, especially here in Texas.

In this article, we will discuss a few ways in which the state will be benefited by this recently signed bill.

The state is set to get $35.44 billion in funding

With the passing of the infrastructure bill, Texans were let wondering how much of the $1 trillion would be put into our great state.

The White House has estimated that Texas will receive roughly $35.44 billion over the next five years to assist with a variety of infrastructure projects. The state will also have the opportunity to apply for grants in several categories in the coming years.

Funding is set to benefit local infrastructure

This $35.44 billion is set to be allocated for the repair and building of roads, bridges, pipes, ports, broadband access and other projects.

This money will aide existing plans that have been in the works for public transit and may help create more transportation options for those throughout the state.

It is no secret that the infrastructure of the state has needed work for many decades and this infusion of cash is sure to pay dividends.

At Texas Contractors Equipment we are excited for the advancements that will be made to Texas’ infrastructure in the coming years and know that this will help our business when it comes to the transportation of equipment and more.

Our company proud to offer a variety of ground engaging tools and attachments from some of the top manufactures  in the business and look forward to assisting your business in any way we can.

To get started we ask that you call on our team at 713.776.1212. We’ll do everything in our power to get your tools to you on time and at a fair price!

ESCO® XDP Demolition Buckets Sold to Houston Crushed Concrete

Our team at Texas Contractors Equipment, Inc. is proud to announce our latest project in conjunction with our good friends at ESCO®.

Houston Crushed Concrete’s General Manager Tyler Williams came to us with a request for two ESCO® XDP demolition buckets.

These buckets are extremely large and difficult to manufacture but are necessary for businesses that remove, crush, and recycle concrete on a regular basis.

The ESCO® marketing and sales department took our request and played an integral role in having the project completed on time. The demolition buckets themselves were built by the ESCO® bucket division out of their factory in Covington, Kentucky, and we are very grateful for the way they stepped up for us to get these out of production quickly along with sending these pictures in this blog.

ESCO® XDP Demolition Bucket TeethESCO® XDP Demolition Bucket

The demolition buckets were shipped out directly from ESCO’s® factory to the customer one day before the estimated shipping date.

ESCO® XDP Demolition Bucket On Truck ESCO® XDP Demolition Bucket On Truck

The buckets are equipped with both inside and outside wear protection, corner wear shoes, Kwik-Wing™ shroud system and an Infinity® wear bar on the upper side leading edge for abrasive wear.  This helps with extra wear protection over long periods of time no matter what materials it may come into contact with.

ESCO® XDP Demolition Bucket ESCO® XDP Demolition Bucket

The finished demolition buckets are also equipped with U45AP Teeth, an abrasive penetration tooth that has both good abrasive wear characteristics and ability to penetrate different materials.

ESCO® XDP Demolition Bucket ESCO® XDP Demolition Bucket ESCO® XDP Demolition Bucket U45AP Teeth

Even though many factories are backed up right now, and are having trouble meeting production goals, we are proud to get products out to our customers by estimated delivery dates, just as we did here with Houston Crushed Concrete.

When you’re in need of ground engaging equipment for your business and have strict deadlines to have your G.E.T. delivered, we ask that you call on our team at Texas Contractors Equipment, Inc.

We are standing by to assist with all your G.E.T. needs from top brands such as ESCO®. We’ll do everything in our power to get your tools to you on time and at our always competitive prices.

New ESCO Bucket Ready to Work New ESCO Bucket Working

Texas Sees Surge in Businesses Coming to the State

Tesla Charging Stations In a RowIn a recent interview, Texas Governor Greg Abbott stated that over 70 businesses and corporations have made the decision to relocate their headquarters to Texas since the beginning of 2021.

While Texas has seen a large number of businesses and private citizens flocking to the state in recent years, these new numbers for 2021 greatly exceeded expectations, with many people now believing this is due in part to more restrictive vaccine mandates that have been created in other states.

In the afore mentioned interview, Abbott noted that President Biden’s vaccine mandates have created a difficult situation for many businesses and forced their hand to make the move to Texas.

“There can be no mandates infringing upon individual liberty,” Abbott stated. “That in part is why I think there are so many businesses that are moving to the state of Texas.”

Abbott has made similar comments in recent weeks, and the proof seems to be in the pudding, as many of the world’s biggest companies including Tesla and Samsung have made the decision to move their headquarters or major factories to the state.

“Texas has been very aggressive about legally challenging all of these mandates that the Biden administration has put in place concerning COVID and we’ve been winning them all in the courts and right now in Texas there are no federal mandates that apply,” Abbott added.

While many businesses throughout the country continue to face hardships due to the pandemic, we are proud to be in a state that has shown resilience during these difficult times.

At Texas Contractors Equipment Inc, we promise to continue with our efforts to deliver ground engaging tools and attachments to our customers throughout the state and look forward to working with new customers who have made the decision to move their operations to Texas.

We invite you to call on our team at 713.776.1212 for all your equipment needs from top brands such as ESCO®. We’ll do everything in our power to get your tools to you on time and at a fair price.

3 New Products to Be Thankful for This Holiday Season

Trojan tracks on pallet

While Thanksgiving and the holiday season are the perfect time to give thanks and spend time with family and friends, there still is work that needs to get done.

Whether you operate a construction site, are tasked with a highway project or have anything else that requires durable ground engaging equipment, we invite you to check out the latest products we have in stock from our trusted manufacturers.

Should you be interested in purchasing any of these below products and have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our family-owned and -operated company at  Texas Contractors Equipment Inc.

Trojan Tracks

If your company relies on rubber tracks, skid steer tires or undercarriage parts for heavy equipment, Trojan Tracks are the perfect add on.

Ideal for compact track loaders, mini excavators, directional drills, and crawler dumpers, these tracks come with a 2-year warranty and same-day shipping for your convenience.

No matter what type of project you may have, choose these OEM-quality aftermarket tracks.

ESCO Loadmaster® Bucket Lip

When you are looking for an add on to a bucket, the ESCO Loadmaster® Bucket Lip is an ideal option.

This bucket lip provides a wide range of capabilities for your jobsite, and its teeth will be able to dig down deep into whatever materials you may be working with.

These lips will not only offer seamless ground engagement but will take strain off of your excavator bucket and add years to its shelf life.

Kennametal ROAD KING™

Kennametal ROAD KING™ conical shanks are designed with those who work on roadways on a daily basis and need a durable product that won’t wear or break down when put under heavy stress.

These shanks come in several tips to match your applications and are shaped to support rotation behavior, preventing lockups and overheating that typically result in a shorter shelf life.

These shanks best match medium to high horsepower machines and their applications, and work well on asphalt, concrete.

Should your company be hard at work this Thanksgiving and holiday season and needs quality ground engaging equipment, we ask that you call on our team at  Texas Contractors Equipment Inc today.

We offer equipment from some of the top brands in the industry such as ESCO® and will do everything in our power to get your tools to you on time and at our always competitive prices.

Recent Changes Put Strain on LTL Market

Long haul truckAs many of us are aware, the U.S. transportation and shipping industry has been facing many issues since the beginning of the pandemic in April of 2020.

Since this time, there has been a dramatic increase in the amount of online shopping which has put a great strain on the industry. When you couple that with a decrease in the number of new drivers coming into the industry, it has become extremely difficult to perform shipping and transportation duties as usual.

This has led to several problems that include increased shipping costs, longer wait times and more. While these issues are projected to continue in the near future, it is important to note that we are doing everything we can in the LTL market to get products out to the people who need them as quickly and affordably as possible.

Online shopping is at an all-time high

Currently, the U.S. transportation and shipping industry is seeing an all-time high in shipping capacity thanks in large part to the dramatic increase in e-commerce over the last year and a half.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, it is reported that e-commerce (online shopping) has seen a 31% increase and shows no signs of slowing down. Many shipping companies have reported that they are now shipping nearly double the amount of goods as they were before the pandemic.

While consumers were forced to shop from home last year, many found this was a more convenient way of doing their shopping and have continued to do so as COVID restrictions have loosened.

The number of available truck drivers is down

Another strain that has been put on the industry is a shortage in the number of drivers available.

It has been reported that during the pandemic there was roughly a 40% decrease in the number of drivers graduating from commercial driving schools. A large number of truckers also decided it was the right time to retire, putting even greater pressure on the industry.

Larger freight sees an increase in cost

With an increase in demand and fewer drivers available, many carriers have been forced to make changes to their overlength fees beginning this November.

If overlength freight is 8 feet and above, these have been the proposed shipping prices (with the possibility of rates fluctuating slightly):


  • 8 feet and greater = $1000


  • 8 feet but less than 12 feet: $500.00
  • 12 feet but less than 20 feet: $750.00
  • 20 feet and greater: $1000.00


  • 8-12 feet – $170
  • 12-16 feet – $300
  • 16-20 feet – $500
  • 20-24 feet – $770
  • 24 feet and greater – $1540


  • 8-12 feet – $250
  • 12 feet or greater – $1000


  • 8-12 feet – $185
  • 12-16 feet – $265
  • 16-20 feet – $385
  • 20-28 feet – $750
  • 28 feet and over – $1,000

While many businesses, including ours, cope with the increase in prices and greater shipping demands, we promise to do our best to deliver all the ground engaging tools and attachments that we always have for our construction and mining clients.

We ask that you call on our team at Texas Contractors Equipment Inc today for all your equipment needs from top brands such as ESCO®. We’ll do everything in our power to get your tools to you on time and at our always competitive prices.

McCarthy Construction Awarded Jobs to Expand Port Capacity

Cargo ship at portMcCarthy Building Companies, Inc. has announced it was awarded three projects that will expand cargo capacity at Port Houston and the Houston Ship Channel, totaling $99 million.

Two of the projects will aim to expand Port Houston at its Bayport Container Terminal and the Barbours Cut Terminal, while the third will expand a dock along the Houston Ship Channel.

Bayport Container Terminal Project

The Bayport Container Terminal Project will consist of a 1,000-foot wharf that will feature modern container cranes to allow larger ships to come into port.

Port Houston has seen a dramatic increase in the amount of cargo handled over the last year-plus (nearly a 30 percent increase in a single month), making this expansion a necessity.

This part of the project is set to be completed in 2023.

Barbours Cut Terminal Project

The Barbours Cut Terminal Project is set to add 10 acres of shipping container storage to assist with the greater demands being put on the port. The project will also include road and utility upgrades for seamless storage.

This part of the project is estimated to be complete in 2022.

Houston Ship Channel Project

As mentioned above, the third part of this project will increase the size of the dock along the Houston Ship Channel and will also include the construction of a new unloading barge dock.

This is being handled for an international petrochemical bulk storage terminal services company located in Port Houston.

This portion of the project is scheduled to be complete in 2022.

At Texas Contractors Equipment Inc., we look forward to this expansion as it will ultimately assist in making the shipping of cargo to the area even more streamlined.

When you are looking for ground engaging equipment and more from top brands such as ESCO®, and want them in a timely manner, we are the team to call on. Reach out to us today at 713.776.1212 or   800.483.9266 to learn more.

Container Prices Rise to New Heights in 2021

Throughout this year, many companies across the country have been facing similar issues when it comes to having their products imported.

Long lead times and expensive freight costs, along with an increase in overall sales, have created expensive container shipping problems that will have long-term ramifications for many businesses.

The importation price for containers has increased fivefold in some cases this year, as a container that cost roughly $5,000 in January has an importation price of around $23,500 this month.

Cargo ship transporting freight

Experts believe the rise in container prices is attributed to western supply chains having trouble restocking their inventory that was depleted during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Further increases in container pricing were seen with the Suez Canal blockage that occurred in March, as well as the cargo ship backlog that is currently happening in the Port of Los Angeles.

It is believed that this may be the peak for container prices and that these numbers will normalize in the not so far off future, but it is yet to be seen how quickly this will happen.

While many businesses, including ours, cope with the increase in prices for goods, we promise to do our best to deliver all of the ground engaging tools and attachments that we always have for our construction and mining clients.

Call on our team at  Texas Contractors Equipment Inc today for all your equipment needs from top brands such as ESCO®. We’ll do everything in our power to get your tools to you on time and at our always competitive prices.

Los Angeles Cargo Ship Backlog Leading to Countrywide Problems

Backlog at the Port of Los AngelesA cargo ship backlog in the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, CA have been creating issues with shipments being sent on time to businesses across the country.

In an unfortunate trend, the backlog has nearly doubled in the last week, creating a headache for both those who run the ports and those waiting on their cargo.

Each port has pointed to a decrease in the number of workers available as the main reason for the slowdown in productivity, including a decrease in the truck and freight rail workers who ship the products out of port.

These two ports are estimated to receive 40 percent of all cargo that enters the United States, so it is essential that these shipping issues resolve themselves quickly. If not, it can lead to a tremendous backlog on a wide range of essential goods, with prices on many everyday products going up.

Although the backlog is not expected to end anytime soon, there is now a bit of optimism, as the dwell time for on dock rail has come down a bit from the all-time high that was recently set, and now sits at 11.7 days.

We will continue to follow this story as this port contains many of the products we provide our valued customers. For more information about our products and any delays that are being created by this backlog, feel free to give our team at Texas Contractors Equipment Inc. a call at 713.776.1212.

Benefits of Using a Tube Broom Cattle Scratcher

Blue Tube Broom In WarehouseIf you operate a farm and are looking for an effective tool that can act as a “back scratcher” for your cattle, consider adding a tube broom cattle scratcher to your site.

Should you be wondering what a cattle scratcher is, it is essentially the same as a spinning brush or broom that you would see at a car wash. When the cattle rub their head or back against the broom it will spin and provide the friction necessary to scratch an itch.

This tube broom can be installed anywhere on your land that is easily accessible to cattle and they will be sure to get years of satisfaction from it.

Whether you are looking for happier cattle with less stress, cattle with better hygiene or anything in between, a tube broom cattle scratcher is a great choice.

They satisfy a natural desire in cattle

We’ve all seen cows scratching themselves against a tree or fence post, but many of us may not realize just how important scratching is for them. Being in the outdoors all day can create discomfort on the skin of cattle and requires them to find a way to clean or scratch their skin.

Four tube brooms in warehouse

This need is so strong in fact, that a study was recently conducted by the University of British Columbia’s animal welfare program that found cattle desire to scratch themselves as much as they desire eating.

In the study, weighted barriers were put in front of a cattle scratcher and fresh feed. The cattle pushed through each at the same frequency to get to their target.

Have been shown to improve health, mood

Although the afore mentioned study was unable to find a definitive answer, it is believed that giving cattle a way to scratch themselves reduces stress and improves their mood.

As an Interesting side note, some countries (including Denmark) make it a requirement to provide cattle with a way to care for their coats because it is so important to their overall health.

Closeup of blue tube broom

Well designed, functional

Lastly, tube broom cattle scratchers are ideal as they are well designed and are big enough to scratch nearly any sized cattle.

Tube brooms come in one single piece and are constructed on a steel core with a steel channel. The bristles on the broom are crimped and spirally wound throughout the length of the tube, allowing you to keep the scratcher for a long period of time.

When you’re interested in adding a tube broom cattle scratcher to your property, reach out to our team at Texas Contractors Equipment, Inc.

We proudly offer Keystone tube brooms that work perfectly as cattle scratchers and provide the bristles necessary to keep your cattle happy and healthy.

Be sure to give our team a call today at 713-776-1212 to learn more.