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Gas Station Owners Are Preparing for an Electric Vehicle Future

Energy companies have been extracting crude oil from the Permian Basin at unprecedented rates in recent years, but an oil boom is the last thing on the minds of most gas station owners in our area. Instead, many gas stations are looking for creative new ways to stay relevant in a world where electric vehicles… Read more »

Texas Construction Industry Exhibits Positive Signs of Growth

A persistent labor shortage has made it hard for many construction companies to keep their projects on schedule in recent years, but new data suggests that things are looking up for the construction industry in Texas. According to the most recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Texas added 56,100 construction jobs in 2017—the… Read more »

Oil and Gas Taxes to Provide $1.1 Billion in Highway Funding

Highways in Texas are slated to receive a much-needed boost in funding this year thanks to the state’s booming oil and natural gas industry. Under the terms of Proposition 1, a constitutional amendment which diverts a portion of oil and gas severance taxes to the TxDOT highway fund, Texas highways will receive $1.1 billion in… Read more »

Workforce Reports Find Healthy Job Growth in Houston

There’s never been a better time to look for jobs in the oil, energy and construction industries in Houston, according to a recent workforce report conducted by LinkedIn. The report found that Houston’s job growth in the oil and energy sector is more than double the national average at 12.4 percent, and job growth in… Read more »

Robots are Helping Construction Crews Beat Their Backlogs

Labor shortages have made it increasingly difficult for construction companies to meet tough deadlines in recent years, but new advances in robotics could allow crews to work faster, safer and more efficiently. Thanks the efforts of America’s robotics engineers, machines are beginning to lend a hand with some of the industry’s dirtiest, most dangerous jobs.@… Read more »

Texas’ Bullet Train Gets One Step Closer to Construction

Currently, it takes about three and a half hours to make the drive from Houston to Dallas-Fort Worth on Interstate 45. Thanks to investor-owned railroad company Texas Central, however, a new bullet train could one day cut the 240-mile trip down to just 90 minutes. Once complete, the train will be the first of its… Read more »

“Buy American” Bill Heads to Governor Abbott’s Desk

Thanks to a bill that was recently approved by both the state Senate and House of Representatives, American steel and iron will continue to reign supreme in Texas for the foreseeable future. Commonly known as the “Buy American” bill, Senate Bill 1289 will expand an existing provision which requires many state projects to use steel… Read more »

Texas: Home of the Fastest Growing Cities in the Nation

There are many cities across the country that are, unfortunately, seeing significant declines in their populations right now. For example, a new report published by the American City Business Journals shows that cities like Cleveland and Pittsburgh are losing residents every single week. Cleveland tops the list with more than 66 people choosing to leave… Read more »

Industry Groups Come Together to Tackle Texas Labor Shortage

Construction companies in Texas have plenty of work to do, but in recent years many of them have struggled to recruit the talent they need to get the job done. This labor shortage is stretching companies thin in many places, and that’s why a number of different industry groups have launched campaigns to educate people… Read more »

The Texas Oil and Gas Industry Is Getting Some Good News

Things are looking up for crude oil and natural gas producers in the Lone Star State. After weathering an economic slump that has lasted since the market peaked in November 2014, the Texas Petro Index (TPI) has seen steady increases for the last several months. Although some of the metrics that govern the TPI have… Read more »