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Solar Power to Be Used to Draw Oil in Texas

While Texas is known for generating the most energy of any state because of its booming oil industry, it is also a leader in generating solar energy. As Texas continues to make advancements in this field, one oil company, ExxonMobil, has made a ground-breaking agreement that will see them use solar power to draw oil from the Permian Basin in the not-so-distant… Read more »

Remodel of Houston’s Downtown Sears Building Complete

Built in 1939, the Sears downtown building is an important structure in the history of downtown Houston. However, in recent years, the three-story concrete building was beginning to show its age and needed a facelift to fit with the incredible rise of Houston’s Midtown. Unfortunately, it was discovered that parts of the building were not… Read more »

Houston One of the Biggest Apartment Builders for ’22

A recent report from the analytics firm RealPage shows that Houston is among the Top-10 cities in the country when it comes to the building of new apartment units for 2022. Houston is expected to add more that 17,000 apartment units in the metro area this year in response to the steady population growth that… Read more »

Memorial Park Conservancy Land Bridge, Tunnels Update

Memorial Park’s $70 million land bridge and tunnel project, a part of the Memorial Park Master Plan, is nearing completion with roadways set to open in the coming months. The project, which features four tunnel sections and six total lanes of highway, will not only help with traffic flow but will feature two spacious land… Read more »

Texas to Benefit from Newly Passed Infrastructure Bill

With the stroke of a pen this past November, President Joe Biden passed into law the highly anticipated $1 trillion infrastructure bill. The bill was passed to create jobs across the country for the fixing and building of bridges and roads, expanding broadband internet access and more. While this is certainly an exciting development for… Read more »

Texas Sees Surge in Businesses Coming to the State

In a recent interview, Texas Governor Greg Abbott stated that over 70 businesses and corporations have made the decision to relocate their headquarters to Texas since the beginning of 2021. While Texas has seen a large number of businesses and private citizens flocking to the state in recent years, these new numbers for 2021 greatly… Read more »

Recent Changes Put Strain on LTL Market

As many of us are aware, the U.S. transportation and shipping industry has been facing many issues since the beginning of the pandemic in April of 2020. Since this time, there has been a dramatic increase in the amount of online shopping which has put a great strain on the industry. When you couple that… Read more »

McCarthy Construction Awarded Jobs to Expand Port Capacity

McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. has announced it was awarded three projects that will expand cargo capacity at Port Houston and the Houston Ship Channel, totaling $99 million. Two of the projects will aim to expand Port Houston at its Bayport Container Terminal and the Barbours Cut Terminal, while the third will expand a dock along… Read more »

Container Prices Rise to New Heights in 2021

Throughout this year, many companies across the country have been facing similar issues when it comes to having their products imported. Long lead times and expensive freight costs, along with an increase in overall sales, have created expensive container shipping problems that will have long-term ramifications for many businesses. The importation price for containers has… Read more »

Los Angeles Cargo Ship Backlog Leading to Countrywide Problems

A cargo ship backlog in the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, CA have been creating issues with shipments being sent on time to businesses across the country. In an unfortunate trend, the backlog has nearly doubled in the last week, creating a headache for both those who run the ports and those waiting… Read more »