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Texas Construction & Infrastructure Enticing People to Move Here

Renewable energy in Texas

Texas has been a destination for people for several years. Now, it’s gaining ground in the attraction of people relocating their permanent living arrangements. What is the real reason behind this? Well, the warmer weather is one of the main reasons, but also job placement in several Texas cities is a major attraction for young… Read more »

Texas Construction Industry Hit from Severe Winter Storms

Texas Construction affected by snowstorms

Texans this winter have experienced record breaking severe winter storms. The ice and snow have caused many hardships in the state of Texas. We’re not used to the severe winter weather here, so being prepared has not been the best. The construction industry has had to halt many projects due to the bad weather. This… Read more »

How the Construction Industry is Integrating AI

AI in Construction

Artificial Intelligence has become a major part of our lives when it comes technological advancement. It also is becoming more workforce friendly in the construction industry with new remote-control technology. There is more and more evidence now to show that AI is in fact improving production on all levels. It can be a major benefit… Read more »

What Will 2021 Look Like for the Construction Industry?

Construction in 2021

As we round third and head home into the year 2021, we take a look back at the crisis of 2020. This year was very challenging and devastating for the world with the Coronavirus Pandemic surging across the planet in March. The United States and many other countries had to fight the virus while try… Read more »

An Up and Down Year for the Construction Industry

Construction work during COVID-19

With the COVID-19 Pandemic devastating our world and causing the loss of jobs and a major health crisis, the construction industry went on a wild rollercoaster ride like many other industries. After the lockdown of the majority of countries, construction slowed down at first because of CDC guidelines of social distancing. At the beginning, we… Read more »

Austin, Texas Construction Update Due to the Pandemic

Construction worker during COVID-19

Work is being operated at a much different way since the pandemic hit the United States. Many people are working from home as much as they can or indefinitely until this is all over with. When it comes to construction jobs, the pandemic is impacting it in different ways. As we see in several places,… Read more »

Importance of Ground Engaging Tools During this Time

Ground engaging tools from Texas Contractors Equipment

As the country starts to open up, especially with construction companies able to get back to work, ground engaging tools will become much more important to the industry for the amount of jobs needed to get done. Your machines deserve to have upgraded attachments and ground engaging tools, so that you cut down on your… Read more »

Texas is Growing in the Solar Energy Industry

Solar field construction

With the construction industry continuing to work on during the COVID-19 Pandemic, the solar energy industry is also doing the same. In Texas, construction is set to begin on a 350-megawatt solar project. The Red Tailed Hawk Solar Project is in partner with J-Power USA Development for the facility to be located southwest of Houston,… Read more »

The Impact of COVID-19 on Solar Construction

Solar construction and COVID-19

Construction all over the country is being slowed down because of the COVID-19 crisis. Construction is considered essential, but that doesn’t mean that work is being completed at the regular pace. Regarding the solar energy industry, they are also taking some hits during this pandemic. What Does the Future Look Like for Solar Energy? Solar… Read more »

When Do I Need a New Loader Bucket for My Construction Equipment?

New loader bucket

As construction continues in Texas and other parts of the country, construction equipment needs to be in top shape. When It comes to machinery that uses bucket attachments, it’s important to make sure that your bucket is working properly and not damages. This could affect production on a jobsite, and at this moment in time,… Read more »