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The Importance of Safety on the Construction Site

Construction safety in Texas news

Construction and mining jobs can be a daunting task, especially if the workload is highly demanding. For the workers and contractors, safety should be the absolute number one priority at any jobsite. In Harris County, local labor union leaders are very concerned with the construction worker fatality rate. They’re addressing the issue with the upmost… Read more »

Houston Medical Office Projects in 2023

Construction on Medical facilities

Houston’s commercial real estate sector is making moves with medical office projects in the year 2023. We will be seeing plenty of medical office projects being constructed in Houston, which is great news for the area. We know that the medical field is very important to the entire country, and hearing Houston has plans to… Read more »

Importance of Upgrading Ground Engaging Tools

Ground engaging tools from Texas Contractors Equipment

Your machines deserve to have upgraded attachments and ground engaging tools, so that you cut down on your downtime at the jobsite. Here are the benefits: Extend the Life of Your Equipment – Ground engaging tools go through tough times on the job site. Your equipment takes a beating. If you don’t get attachments replaced,… Read more »

The Grand Parkway Extension in Houston

Grand Parkway construction underway

In other news, there is an agreement to start working on a Grand Parkway extension in Houston that will extend from League City to Alvin. This is an expansion that will be a proposed 180-mile circumferential highway traversing seven counties in the Greater Houston area. Taking Steps to Improve Traffic and Safety in Houston The… Read more »

Update on Houston’s I-45 Highway Project

I-45 Texas highway construction under way

After two years of negotiating, The Texas Department of Transportation has come to an agreement with Houston’s Mayor, which has helped to move the I-45 highway improvement project in the right direction. This is a major step in the process of helping to improve highways in the Houston area. Many major cities in Texas have… Read more »

Maintaining Ground Engaging Tools for Bettering Your Projects

Bulldozer bucket being used in construction

Having the proper equipment for a construction job is extremely important. More importantly, the parts and attachments used on these machines also need to be in good condition. For ground engaging tools, they can easily go through wear and tear. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your ground engaging… Read more »

The Benefits of Ground Engaging Tools for Your Equipment

Loader Bucket attachment

Whether you’re in the construction industry, mining industry, or any industry that uses heavy equipment and machinery, you know that those machines and equipment go through a heavy workload over several years. To increase the longevity of those machines, ground engaging tools can help! What are Ground Engaging Tools? Ground engaging tools are tools and… Read more »

Maintaining Ground Engaging Tools for Construction and Mining

Construction site from aerial view

When you’re in the middle of a labor-intensive project, your company counts on ground engaging tools to do a lot of the dirty work. From big backhoe buckets to small bucket teeth, you probably use all kinds of ground engaging tools to help you get your projects done. You need to make sure you’re maintaining… Read more »

New Loader Buckets for Construction Equipment

New loader bucket

When It comes to machinery that uses bucket attachments, it’s important to make sure that your bucket is working properly and not damages. This could affect production on a jobsite, and at this moment in time, construction is considered essential, so jobs have to be done. Signs You Need a New Bucket Bucket loaders go… Read more »

Highway Construction for the Next 10 Years in Houston

Texas Construction workers for Highway I-45

Houston, TX is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Not only is the state of Texas in general growing, but the major cities like Houston and Austin have seen a significant climb in population in recent years. Highway construction has begun to help improve the flow of traffic and the influx of… Read more »