Soil Stabilization Tooling

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Before you lay down a foundation for a home, put up a patio, create a road or put anything on top of soil that could impact and weaken it, it’s important for you to use heavy-duty construction equipment to carry out the process of soil stabilization. Texas Contractors Equipment Inc. can provide you with the soil stabilization tooling you will need in order to get the job done. You can increase the load bearing capacity of soil and make it stronger and safer by utilizing the products that we sell from Kennametal.

Kennametal produces a number of soil stabilization tooling options depending on what kind of project you are interested in completing. The AR150 87 soil stabilization tool, for example, relies on bits reinforced with a carbide edge in order to cut sharper and deeper into soil and other surfaces without significantly cracking or wearing down over time. You can do asphalt reclamation, soil stabilization, augering and more in any soft to medium-hard material without damaging the equipment you are using. It will save you time and effort and help you complete the project you are working on much easier.

All of the soil stabilization tooling from Kennametal that you see here is specifically designed to allow you to do soil stabilization without running into any issues. You will be putting a lot of demand on your equipment when you stabilize soil, and it’s important to use the tools that are best equipped to handle it. Whether you are digging deep down into soil or trying to cut through a mix of soil and gravel, Texas Contractors Equipment Inc. has the soil stabilization tooling to fit your needs.

To discover how soil stabilization tooling can benefit you, or to place an order for one of the products that you see here, give Texas Contractors Equipment Inc. a call at 713-776-1212 today.