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Keystone Plastics Parts & Components

Whether you are working on a road reclamation project, preparing a work area, smoothing out a surface or something else, you need your machines and all the parts to work. Keystone Plastics makes durable, long-lasting replacement parts and components for street sweepers, gutter brooms and other equipment. Made with high-quality materials and utilizing modern designs, these parts are designed to work faster, clean deeper and make your job easier. Keystone Plastics manufacturers replacement gutter brooms, convoluted wafers, flat wafers and wafer spaces that will stand up to tough dirt, hard and gritty surfaces, inclement weather, debris and other obstacles. These parts are suitable for use on many of the most popular gutter brooms and street sweepers, and they will withstand tough conditions and deliver a long-lasting useful life.

Wafers & Gutter Brooms

The wafers and gutter brooms will hold their shape and continue to clean effectively even when faced with uneven, gritty or other difficult surfaces. The gutter broom from Keystone Plastics is made with tough environments in mind. The spring action and impact resistant, co-polymer blocks will prevent the wire from losing its shape and it will keep the brushes from bending or warping. The convoluted wafers and straight wafers follow a similar design, using reinforced wire that will resist bending or breaking. To make your sweeping machines last longer and to enjoy a more thorough clean, use Keystone Plastics’ parts to refurbish or repair your sweepers.