Wafer Core

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When using a street sweeper, your convoluted or flat wafers are going to be responsible for actually sweeping the streets. While they obviously play an important role in the street sweeping process, they aren’t the only parts that are necessary when sweeping streets. You also need to use the best wafer core possible, as your core will be in charge of holding the wafers in place and allowing them to do their job. The wafer core from RAM Manufacturing Company can help you to keep your street sweeper running at peak efficiency at all times, and Texas Contractors Equipment Inc. is happy to provide you with this vital piece of the puzzle so that you can feel confident in your street sweeper’s ability to tackle any task.

The wafer core from RAM Manufacturing Company is designed to be used on most Broce Broom street sweeping models, and can hold either convoluted wafer brushes or flat wafers that require metal spacers in between them. Regardless of which wafer option you choose to use to sweep streets, the wafer core has you covered. It will secure your wafers and keep them rotating properly so that they can continue to work without hesitation. At Texas Contractors Equipment Inc., we understand how essential a reliable and high-quality wafer core is to companies that either specialize in street sweeping or consider it a necessary step in a larger project. That’s why we choose to offer products from a reputable company, like RAM Manufacturing, to provide our customers with the best cores available.

When you purchase a RAM Manufacturing Company wafer core from Texas Contractors Equipment Inc., you won’t have to purchase any other parts for it. It comes with wear caps, a spindled coupler and a bearing shaft, which is everything you will need to attach your wafer core to your machine and start using it. Whether you are replacing your current wafer core or refurbishing an older street sweeper, it will get the job done and ensure that you get back out on the road quickly.

You can order a wafer core for your street sweeper by calling Texas Contractors Equipment Inc. at 713-776-1212 today.