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Jiffy Dallas Ground Engaging Tools

Jiffy Dallas specializes in providing Jiffy Dallas ground-engaging tools to companies operating in the drilling and trenching industries throughout both the United States and Canada. The products from Jiffy Dallas can provide your company with the ground-engaging products you need and help you complete a number of different tasks on your job site.

As a family owned and operated company, Texas Contractors Equipment Inc. has supplied construction companies with ground-engaging tools and product support for Jiffy Dallas equipment for more than 40 years now, and you’ll find a wide selection of ground-engaging products from Jiffy Dallas in their inventory.

Jiffy Dallas was founded way back in 1947 and is celebrating 70 years in 2017. Jiffy Dallas tools have built and established a reputation as items built to last. From high-end augers to pilot bits to adaptors, the company has built up its strong reputation by creating superior ground-engaging products and providing customers with excellent service. It puts a specific emphasis on foundation drilling tools and sells custom teeth that have been augmented with tungsten carbide, which lasts up to 10 times longer than other tooth and bit replacements on the market. It also utilizes a special forging process that allows their tools to meet the extensive and demanding needs of customers, and Jiffy Dallas is committed to using the latest technological advances to improve the designs of tools so that they are as effective as possible.

To learn more about any of the Jiffy Dallas ground engaging tools stocked at Texas Contractors Equipment Inc., call 713-776-1212 or 800-483-9266 today for more information.