Kennametal Accessories

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When you are working with ground engaging tools, there are several accessories that can help to keep things running smoothly on the job site. From accessories that can help you remove tools that have gotten stuck in machines to accessories that will allow you to pull tools out of a block that is welded onto a drum, Texas Contractors Equipment Inc. can provide you with everything you need to ensure your tools work properly and to stay safe when dealing with issues that pop up on your next construction project.

A hammer punch, like the Hammer Punch KHP2, is an essential accessory for situations where a tool that has been locked into place in a machine. Dirt, rust, grime, and other factors can cause tools to get stuck, and it can force you to shut down your entire operation if you don’t have the right accessories on hand, like the Kennametal Hammer Punch KHP2. By utilizing one of these accessories, you can remove a tool right away and get back to work with little to no downtime.

A pair of hammer-type pullers is also a good accessory to keep around, just in case your cutting tools get stuck in a block that’s welded onto a drum. These pullers will clamp down on the tools and give you the chance to remove them quickly and safely so that you can get moving again. Too many people don’t even think about purchasing these types accessories until it’s too late, which can cause delays on a job site. Be proactive and talk to one of our representatives about any and all of the Kennametal accessories you may need to operate your job site effectively.

Texas Contractors Equipment Inc. can provide you with the accessories that you need for your various tools and machine. Give us a call at 713-776-1212 today to learn more or to place an order.