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Texas Construction & Infrastructure Enticing People to Move Here

Renewable energy in Texas

Texas has been a destination for people for several years. Now, it’s gaining ground in the attraction of people relocating their permanent living arrangements. What is the real reason behind this? Well, the warmer weather is one of the main reasons, but also job placement in several Texas cities is a major attraction for young… Read more »

ESCO® Technology and Sustainability

Construction and mining equipment

ESCO® technology has advanced so much in recent years for the mining and construction industry. We’ve seen the overall growth and innovation of technology skyrocket, but for the construction industry, we’re proud to see ESCO® technology become even more advanced. With the world turning towards sustainable energy and living, the construction industry also turns towards… Read more »

Duke Energy’s Solar Project is Now on line in Texas

Duke Energy solar

This is pretty great news to hear that Duke Energy Renewables’ largest solar project is now on line in Texas. This is a big step for solar energy because around the world, we’re seeing many large-scale solar projects being built like this. Many energy companies are investing their time and many into renewables, so that… Read more »

Texas is Growing in the Solar Energy Industry

Solar field construction

With the construction industry continuing to work on during the COVID-19 Pandemic, the solar energy industry is also doing the same. In Texas, construction is set to begin on a 350-megawatt solar project. The Red Tailed Hawk Solar Project is in partner with J-Power USA Development for the facility to be located southwest of Houston,… Read more »