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Tube Brooms Being Used as Cattle Scratchers in Texas

Tubebrooms being used as cattle scratchers

In the state of Texas, cattle ranches are extremely common. The ranchers are always concerned with keeping their cattle healthy and hydrated during the droughts that arrive in particular seasons. When it comes to certain farm equipment, many ranchers are purchasing Tube Brooms and using them as Cattle Scratchers. From Susan Whitney at 30 Thousand… Read more »

Highway Construction for the Next 10 Years in Houston

Texas Construction workers for Highway I-45

Houston, TX is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Not only is the state of Texas in general growing, but the major cities like Houston and Austin have seen a significant climb in population in recent years. Highway construction has begun to help improve the flow of traffic and the influx of… Read more »

Two Buckets for Houston Crushed Concrete

Houston Crushed Concrete ordered 2 of these buckets within 3 months of each other from us here at Texas Contractors Equipment. This is an engineer’s drawing we used to show the customer what the bucket will look like minus the deflectors. Concrete is recycled by going out and using the ESCO® XDP demo excavator buckets… Read more »

Rebuilding Roads and Highways in Texas

Austin Texas skyline

The city of Austin, Texas has seen incredible growth in population over the last few years. It’s one of those cities in Texas where every young person or young family wants to move to. In a single year, the city grew by more than 53,000 people. Now, we could equate this to the mass-exodus out… Read more »

Road Construction in Texas to Be Launched

Texas highways under construction for improvements

As we move into a new era of transportation around the country in regard to technology and energy, our roads are going to be getting upgrades and improvements. In Texas, the improvement of driving conditions on highways are a must today. An $85 billion project will be starting to help improve conditions and transform the… Read more »

Port of Houston Ship Channel Project Under Way

Cargo ship in water Houston, TX

The last few years have been quite chaotic throughout the world, and even with the transportation of goods being slowed down for several different reasons. In Houston TX, the port of Houston Ship Channel is one of the busiest waterways in the country, and it’s extremely important due to this channel going into the Gulf… Read more »

Transformation of the Texas Energy Industry

Solar energy movement in the state of Texas

The great state of Texas has been known for its vast oil fields and energy production. In recent years, the entire country has been trying to find better ways for how we emit and consume energy. Since Elon Musk has moved to Austin, Texas and the state has won the bid for Tesla’s new auto… Read more »

Ground Engaging Tools/Attachments in High Demand

ground engaging tools for heavy machinery

The construction and mining industry uses ground engaging tools/attachments for their heavy equipment and machinery. These attachments include bucket teeth, adapters, lip shrouds, side cutters, ripper shanks, and much more. These ground engaging tools play an important role in keeping construction machinery functioning properly when lifting heavy loads and conducting specific projects. Without proper functioning… Read more »

Replacement Bucket Teeth from Texas Contractors Equipment

Replacement bucket tooth

At Texas Contractors Equipment, we provide high-quality ground engaging tools/attachments for a variety of construction and mining equipment. When our customers and clients are in need of replacing worn out and used bucket teeth, we’re here to help them out. We take pride in providing these materials because we understand how important ground engaging tools… Read more »