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Housing Developments Increasing Around Houston

Housing Development Boom in Texas

There has been a big boom in construction, development, and population growth in the state of Texas. In the greater Magnolia area just north of Houston, residential development is growing, and construction is increasing with projects such as these. Many Texans may not know the reason why this is the case, but it does have… Read more »

Railway Coming to Texas

Vector speed train. Set of modern high speed train silhouettes, outlines, contours. High-speed train in motion. Isolated on white background

We’ve talked about how transportation is changing in the United States before. It’s a need that we as a nation need to address more frequently and solve the issues that we’re having. When it comes to trains, Europe and other countries have been successful with building high speed rails for countries. Many cities across the… Read more »

Texas Construction Industry Hit from Severe Winter Storms

Texas Construction affected by snowstorms

Texans this winter have experienced record breaking severe winter storms. The ice and snow have caused many hardships in the state of Texas. We’re not used to the severe winter weather here, so being prepared has not been the best. The construction industry has had to halt many projects due to the bad weather. This… Read more »

The Extension of State Highway 146 Near Houston

Highway Construction in Houston

The traffic volume in and around Houston is growing exponentially, which means construction will be underway to extend the state highway. The 4.5-mile section between Red Bluff and State Highway 96 is being worked on due to the congestion on the highway, population increase, and rise in tourism. What is Being Constructed? There will be… Read more »

The Houston Population Growth Continues to Rise

ground engaging tools for apartment construction

Houston has been in the top cities in the United States for new residents moving into the metro area. It will continue to grow this decade at a rapid rate. What effect will this have on the construction industry in the Houston metropolitan area? Residential Growth Means More Construction Houston is seeing an increase in… Read more »