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New Loader Buckets for Construction Equipment

New loader bucket

When It comes to machinery that uses bucket attachments, it’s important to make sure that your bucket is working properly and not damages. This could affect production on a jobsite, and at this moment in time, construction is considered essential, so jobs have to be done. Signs You Need a New Bucket Bucket loaders go… Read Full Article »

Road Construction in Texas to Be Launched

Texas highways under construction for improvements

As we move into a new era of transportation around the country in regard to technology and energy, our roads are going to be getting upgrades and improvements. In Texas, the improvement of driving conditions on highways are a must today. An $85 billion project will be starting to help improve conditions and transform the… Read Full Article »

Construction is Essential During the Coronavirus

Construction worker on job site

The Coronavirus has ravaged businesses and companies all over the country. When it comes to construction, we still have to keep moving, which is why construction companies nationwide are deemed essential. People need access to apartments, hospitals, nursing homes, and other buildings. Construction Companies Still Have to Abide by the Rules If your company is… Read Full Article »

Coronavirus Impact on the Construction Industry

COVID-19 impact on construction

We are looking at a tricky time in our world. The COVID-19 crisis is still crippling the country and even the world. Businesses are shut down and large gatherings are prohibited. People are told to stay home and only leave the house for essentials. So, what does this mean for the construction industry? Ken Simonson,… Read Full Article »

The Extension of State Highway 146 Near Houston

Highway Construction in Houston

The traffic volume in and around Houston is growing exponentially, which means construction will be underway to extend the state highway. The 4.5-mile section between Red Bluff and State Highway 96 is being worked on due to the congestion on the highway, population increase, and rise in tourism. What is Being Constructed? There will be… Read Full Article »

Will Autonomous Cars Change Highway Construction?

Texas Highway at Night

It’s true. Autonomous cars are making their way into our life day by day. What does this mean for the future? We can say that there will be extreme changes to the way the infrastructure in cities work, as well as the way construction is being done on highways and roads. Technology in the construction… Read Full Article »

Roadwork Update in North Texas

Texas highway construction

As we talked previously about the Sam Rayburn Tollway Fourth Lane Project, things are moving along efficiently. The tollway is being widened, so that traffic can move quicker and more consistently while the population growth increases in the North Texas area. There is an additional lane being built, as well as ramp improvements. The completion… Read Full Article »

Population Growth in Texas Pushes for Roadwork Construction

Texas Highway construction

As the population growth increases all over the state of Texas, roadwork construction is starting to take over. It can be a good and bad thing for people in Texas. On one hand, you have the growth of population and an economy, but on the other hand, you have the rise of congestion on highways… Read Full Article »