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Parts for Asphalt Finishing, Cleaning & Sweeping Equipment

RAM Mfg Co. manufactures parts for asphalt finishing, cleaning and sweeping equipment. With the right parts, you can make your sweeper or asphalt finishing machines last for decades, reducing maintenance costs and avoiding the costs of replacing the machine. RAM Mfg Co. supplies end caps, drive hubs, wafer cores, spindles and bearings for the most commonly and popular sweepers. These parts are made with versatility and durability in mind, meaning they will fit the machine that you are using and stand up to the touch conditions of the job at hand.

RAM Mfg Co. Components

You don’t have to replace your entire machine if your wafer core or cap has been cracked or otherwise damaged on the job. Simply replace the component with durable, long-lasting parts from RAM Mfg Co. and get your machine back to work again. Replacement parts from RAM Mfg Co. will make your sweepers and asphalt finishing equipment safer and get it back into service fast, so you can continue to use your equipment on many projects to come.