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New Life for an Old ESCO Clamshell Bucket

Experience, confidence, knowledge. This is the trust that your manufacturer has in a dealer to help a customer. One such customer called ESCO Corporation in Portland, Oregon looking for some help on an old clamshell bucket. ESCO suggested the customer call us to lend a hand. The customer had an old 1970 clamshell bucket that… Read more »

Check out Our New Esco Bucket for Ponce Services [Photos]

Recently, we had another opportunity to work with the folks at ESCO to design an excavator bucket solution for our customer, Ponce Services. This local family-owned business has being working with us since 2012. They offer a number of different services, but we have been selling them our ESCO teeth for the demolition side of… Read more »

ESCO Customized XDP Bucket Product Testimonial

If you’ve been following our blog, you may remember that earlier this year we worked with ESCO to design and build a custom excavator bucket for a Houston-based company called Southern Crushed Concrete, Inc. This unique bucket was made with one purpose in mind: breaking up paved concrete so it can be hauled to a… Read more »

How ESCO® Creates Their Loadmaster® Lips

Have you ever wondered how these big loader bucket edges are made? It takes a great deal of engineering, designing, welding, and painting to make these parts. ESCO Corporation has a facility located in Covington, Kentucky that does exactly this along with creating excavator and loader buckets. They put steel plate and castings together for… Read more »

See Our Custom Concrete-Busting Bucket in Action

Every now and then, one of our customers will approach us with a unique challenge that requires a bit of creative problem solving to overcome. Recently, a Houston-based company called Southern Crushed Concrete, Inc. came to us with just such a challenge. This company tears up paved concrete and hauls it to one of its… Read more »

Bucyrus Blades Branding Announcement

At the end of last year, ESCO sent out a communication that ESCO Corporation is taking the Bucyrus Blades brand back into the global market. This letter is an update to that communication. Two key elements are the development of an all-new Bucyrus Blades logo (shown below) and our fully integrated presence in the ESCO… Read more »

ESCO General Purpose Buckets for Wheel Loaders

ESCO – (Electric Steel Company) based in Portland, Oregon with manufacturing sites all around the world, since 1913 the privately help company designs and manufactures products for many types of applications for example: ground engaging tools for construction, mines, dredging, crushing, conveying, and rigging.  They also provide design and manufacturing drilling tools for the oil and… Read more »