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The Extension of State Highway 146 Near Houston

Highway Construction in Houston

The traffic volume in and around Houston is growing exponentially, which means construction will be underway to extend the state highway. The 4.5-mile section between Red Bluff and State Highway 96 is being worked on due to the congestion on the highway, population increase, and rise in tourism. What is Being Constructed? There will be… Read more »

Roadwork Update in North Texas

Texas highway construction

As we talked previously about the Sam Rayburn Tollway Fourth Lane Project, things are moving along efficiently. The tollway is being widened, so that traffic can move quicker and more consistently while the population growth increases in the North Texas area. There is an additional lane being built, as well as ramp improvements. The completion… Read more »

Population Growth in Texas Pushes for Roadwork Construction

Texas Highway construction

As the population growth increases all over the state of Texas, roadwork construction is starting to take over. It can be a good and bad thing for people in Texas. On one hand, you have the growth of population and an economy, but on the other hand, you have the rise of congestion on highways… Read more »

Unified Transportation Program Will Bring Big Changes to Texas Roadways

Thanks to its thriving job market, low tax rates and relatively inexpensive cost of living, Texas has been leading the nation in population growth since 2006. While this influx of new residents has been good news for many businesses in Texas, it has also put a great deal of stress on the state’s transportation infrastructure…. Read more »

Two-Story Crates Roll Through Houston en Route to South Korea

If you were driving on Houston-area roads early last week, you may have found that your ride was disrupted by an unusual caravan of trucks and state troopers escorting two massive wooden crates on flatbed trailers. These crates – the largest of which measured 135 feet long, 27 feet high and 24 feet wide –… Read more »

Work Begins on First of Three Bridges Over Brays Bayou

If you’re hoping to catch a home game at NRG Stadium this football season, you may need to build some extra time into your travel plans. Earlier this month, work began on a project to lengthen the Stella Link Bridge in southwest Houston, which serves as a major thoroughfare for drivers traveling in and out… Read more »

Barbara Jordan Post Office to Become Sprawling Mixed-Use Hub

For the past four years, the old Barbara Jordan Post Office has sat vacant on the northern end of Downtown Houston. Soon, however, the massive monument of modernist architecture will receive a new lease on life thanks to an ambitious adaptive-reuse project that’s being spearheaded by current property owner Lovett Commercial. In late June, Lovett… Read more »

Houston’s Grand Parkway Draws Interest From Developers

After more than two decades of construction, work on Houston’s Grand Parkway entered its final phase earlier this year. When the last section is completed in 2022, the 184-mile parkway will be the largest highway loop in the nation. Since the idea for the parkway was first conceived in the 1960s, it has become one… Read more »

Phase One of the Hardy Toll Road Connector Project Is Well Underway

When the Hardy Toll Road was built in the 1980s, it was originally intended to extend into downtown Houston. As a result of budgetary restraints, however, the plans had to be revised and the 21-mile toll road’s southern terminus was moved to the Interstate 610 North Loop. Now, roughly three decades later, construction crews are… Read more »

New Houston Office Building Will Be a Model of Sustainable Design

The 47-story office building that will occupy the former site of the Houston Chronicle will be more than just an attractive new addition to the city’s skyline; it will also be one of the most energy-efficient and environmentally-sustainable buildings in the nation. Earlier this month, the developers of Texas Tower announced that the building has… Read more »