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Replacement Bucket Teeth from Texas Contractors Equipment

Replacement bucket tooth

At Texas Contractors Equipment, we provide high-quality ground engaging tools/attachments for a variety of construction and mining equipment. When our customers and clients are in need of replacing worn out and used bucket teeth, we’re here to help them out. We take pride in providing these materials because we understand how important ground engaging tools… Read more »

Treasure Hunting and Construction Equipment

Treasure hunting with heavy machinery and ground engaging tools

Treasure hunting is a unique profession around the globe. The world has incredible things to be discovered from its history that may be buried underground and even in hard-to-reach places. For the past few years, a team of treasure hunters and construction professionals from the United States have gone treasure hunting in the Philippines for… Read more »

Housing Developments Increasing Around Houston

Housing Development Boom in Texas

There has been a big boom in construction, development, and population growth in the state of Texas. In the greater Magnolia area just north of Houston, residential development is growing, and construction is increasing with projects such as these. Many Texans may not know the reason why this is the case, but it does have… Read more »

The Benefits of Skid-Steer Attachments

Skid Steer attachments

Having a skid-steer in your fleet is one of the most beneficial investments you can make. Skid-steers are extremely versatile machines, especially because of the ability to change attachments for different applications for construction. Having the ability to change attachments for different applications allows your projects and jobs to run smoothly and be executed on… Read more »

Texas Construction & Infrastructure Enticing People to Move Here

Renewable energy in Texas

Texas has been a destination for people for several years. Now, it’s gaining ground in the attraction of people relocating their permanent living arrangements. What is the real reason behind this? Well, the warmer weather is one of the main reasons, but also job placement in several Texas cities is a major attraction for young… Read more »

Safety is the Number One Priority with Using Heavy Machinery

Safely operating heavy equipment

  Construction workers are constantly working with heavy equipment and machinery that can be very dangerous. It’s extremely important to practice safety when operating these machines. They can be very beneficial to many types of manual labor jobs including landscaping, construction, mining, and farming. Follow these safety practices: Safely Operating Equipment As an equipment operator,… Read more »

New Construction Technology Paving the Way to Other Planets

Heavy machinery for construction

Texas A&M has been diving deep into new construction materials that could be used on other planets. As we know, the NASA rover landed on Mars, which is a promising accomplishment for our country and space exploration. Construction technology has come a long way on our planet, but if we’re advancing our construction technology to… Read more »

Texas Construction Industry Hit from Severe Winter Storms

Texas Construction affected by snowstorms

Texans this winter have experienced record breaking severe winter storms. The ice and snow have caused many hardships in the state of Texas. We’re not used to the severe winter weather here, so being prepared has not been the best. The construction industry has had to halt many projects due to the bad weather. This… Read more »

ESCO® Technology and Sustainability

Construction and mining equipment

ESCO® technology has advanced so much in recent years for the mining and construction industry. We’ve seen the overall growth and innovation of technology skyrocket, but for the construction industry, we’re proud to see ESCO® technology become even more advanced. With the world turning towards sustainable energy and living, the construction industry also turns towards… Read more »

How the Construction Industry is Integrating AI

AI in Construction

Artificial Intelligence has become a major part of our lives when it comes technological advancement. It also is becoming more workforce friendly in the construction industry with new remote-control technology. There is more and more evidence now to show that AI is in fact improving production on all levels. It can be a major benefit… Read more »