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Texas Contractors Equipment Inc. has served customers in the construction industry for more than four decades, and you’ll find a wide range of tools from AIM Attachments in stock at all times. From 5,400-pound capacity bucket forks to 12-inch heavy-duty backhoe buckets to skid steer grapple buckets that can range in size from 60 to 84 inches, AIM Attachments manufactures the AIM ground engaging products companies need to complete work on their job sites. AIM Attachments is committed to carefully crafting the kinds of tools needed to complete all kinds of different tasks on projects large and small.

AIM Attachments has been producing attachments for the construction industry since 1970. They have locations in Ohio, Ontario and Arizona, and they strive to “overbuild” all of their attachments so that they are equipped to meet every possible need and the exacting demands of clients on the job site. Whether your company needs AIM buckets to use in conjunction with other heavy-duty equipment on your site or your company needs any of the other AIM ground engaging products that are manufactured in one of the AIM Attachments’ facilities, you will be more than satisfied with the products that you receive. All products are built with the high quality and exacting craftsmanship that you expect from a company like AIM Attachments and are offered at Texas Contractors Equipment Inc. at a fair price.

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