Road Milling .765" Shank Conical Bit

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Drilling down into asphalt or concrete is no easy task, even for the most heavy-duty pieces of equipment. You can try to drill with a subpar bit, but more often than not, you won’t get very far and will be left purchasing constant replacements. Fortunately, Texas Contractors Equipment Inc. can prevent this by providing you with the superior quality road milling shank conical bits that you need to get the job done. From the RP Series and the RZ Series, to the Road King Road Rehabilitation Conicals, we have excellent Road Milling .765″ Shank Conical Bit options from Kennametal that will assist you with all of your drilling needs.

Road rehabilitation tools from Kennametal, such as these Road Milling .765″ Shank Conical Bits, are some of the best available. The RoadKing™ Road Rehabilitation Conicals for Cutting, for example, are designed to stand up to any road rehab project that you have. They are specifically designed to allow you to drill down into asphalt and concrete without encountering any issues, proving to be both abrasion and impact resistant.

At Texas Contractors Equipment Inc., we sell many different products that we believe will help make your tough jobs a little easier. The Road Milling .765″ Shank Conical Bits that we sell from Kennametal are the perfect example of this, as they will change the way you approach road rehab projects moving forward. These are advanced tool that are meant to make a day on the construction site a bit easier, and you will notice an increase in your overall efficiency on job sites when you have Kennametal road milling shank conical bits on hand.

To find out more about the Road Milling .765″ Shank Conical Bits and the Road King series, or to place an order, contact Texas Contractors Equipment Inc. at 713-776-1212 today.

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Posted by Kennametal Inc on Thursday, December 8, 2016