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ESCO® has supplied superior construction, mining and industrial tools and enhancements for more than a century. Contractors, mining companies, road reclamation workers, construction companies and many other businesses around the world rely on ESCO® for tools and enhancements that extend the longevity of their equipment and make their machines more effective and efficient. Texas Contractors Equipment supplies a wide range of ESCO® ground engaging tools to assist companies working a diverse array of industries and applications.

ESCO® ground engaging tools are designed to improve the functionality of your most used machines in mining, construction, excavating, road reclamation and similar activities. ESCO® parts can also be used to make repairs, replacements or upgrade to help ensure you’re getting the most from your machinery. ESCO® ground engaging tools are made to protect the equipment and reduce wear, while also reducing maintenance costs.

These tools are designed to deliver superior functionality and durability while standing up to the abrasion and impacts of work in digging, gripping and extracting applications. ESCO® uses inventive, carefully tested designs to make tools that are easy to install, easy to replace and suitable for many applications. These specialized designs make changing out the teeth on a bucket, installing a new bucket or repairing a coupling easier so that you can spend more time working on the job and less time working on your machines. These tools are built to last, made from the highest-quality materials and repeatedly tested to ensure they will hold up in demanding environments and conditions.

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