Coronavirus Impact on the Construction Industry

We are looking at a tricky time in our world. The COVID-19 crisis is still crippling the country and even the world. Businesses are shut down and large gatherings are prohibited. People are told to stay home and only leave the house for essentials.

So, what does this mean for the construction industry? Ken Simonson, chief economist with Associated General Contractors of America states “We’ll start to hear about projects that aren’t able to complete and owners running into cash flow problems because they’re not getting the visitors. The impacts on construction are going to happen, but it’s hard to say how extensive and how long they’ll last.

COVID-19 impact on construction

A Positive Outlook to the Situation

According to For Construction Pros, “Trump and congressional Democrats have long struggled to put together a bipartisan infrastructure deal that would pour billions of dollars into rebuilding U.S. roads, bridges, railroads and waterways. Hopes of a breakthrough have dwindled with just eight months until the 2020 election, but fears of a coronavirus-driven economic slowdown have revived talk of a potential deal.”

This certainly is positive news for construction companies and contractors all around the country. They would rather not see a slow down and a loss of funds due to the virus. If the government can step in and help infrastructure rebuilding, the companies will have the funds to finish jobs and stay on track to their goals.

Workers Are Concerned About COVID-19

As construction continues on jobsites all around the country, workers are starting to get concerned with getting ill. Many are reporting that they are staying home for the sake of their health and the health of their families. This is a big concern to the construction industry, and it could cause issues with halting projects. The federal government has to make a decision on how to help the infrastructure and construction industries during this pandemic.

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