Austin, Texas Construction Update Due to the Pandemic

Work is being operated at a much different way since the pandemic hit the United States. Many people are working from home as much as they can or indefinitely until this is all over with. When it comes to construction jobs, the pandemic is impacting it in different ways.

As we see in several places, the pandemic has slowed down significantly, but in some other places down in the south, it has ramped up a little bit. For construction in Austin, Texas, here’s the update on the COVID-19 pandemic impact:

Construction worker during COVID-19

Construction Site Rules

Workers must be working in staggered shifts for sites with more than 10 workers on the job. Shifts need to be rotated limiting the amount of workers there at once. Now, this can be a difficult way to get construction jobs done, but we’re expecting there to be delays on construction due to the situation of keeping workers safe.

There will be 6-feet apart when it comes to hand washing and bathroom stations, and individual water bottles will be encouraged rather than community water coolers.

Construction is essential during this time, but companies have to make sure there workers are safe and protected as well.

What Can We Say About Construction in Texas Going Forward?

Many areas of Texas are booming with development construction for companies moving in and younger people moving into apartments. As the population rises, construction continues to move forward. The construction that is still in the planning phase will obviously be delayed until there is more confidence in the market, but it looks like construction is still going on even during a pandemic. This is good news because it means that rules and guidelines are in place for workers and others to practice safety during this time.

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