Rebuilding Roads and Highways in Texas

The city of Austin, Texas has seen incredible growth in population over the last few years. It’s one of those cities in Texas where every young person or young family wants to move to. In a single year, the city grew by more than 53,000 people. Now, we could equate this to the mass-exodus out of several different states during or after the chaotic year we had in 2020, but it seemed like the trend was going in that direction regardless. The pandemic may have sped things up for people moving to Austin.

Regardless, the population growth in Austin has sparked construction companies and government officials to reevaluate the roads and highways in and around Austin, TX.

Austin Texas skyline

Rebuilding the U.S. 290

The intersection of U.S. 290 and SH 71 has always been known for its congestion of traffic due to the traffic lights and population growth. Many drivers have avoided this area for that same reason. With the growing population, Colorado River Constructors will be re-working this part of the 290, which will be overseen by the Texas Department of Transportation at a cost of $674 million. This is going to be a massive construction job.

Benefits of this Construction Job

With more and more people moving into the Austin, TX area, it’s important that the infrastructure starts to improve. Population growth in a city can be very beneficial for business and the economy, but without reconstructing roads and highways to accommodate the growth, then it will just be a disaster.

The new road construction will cut back on the congestion making the traffic flow smoother without having traffic lights. People will be able to drive with ease to and from work. The construction will also help to decrease the amount of car accidents on the road.

Ultimately, this is a very good thing for the Austin, TX region. With the growth of the city happening, people will be more inclined to stay in the area if the roads and highways are improving for their benefit.

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