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Harris County to Launch Flood Tunnel Feasibility Study

A year and a half after Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas, Harris County officials continue to explore new ways to protect Houston and the surrounding communities from future catastrophic weather events. In February, for example, the Harris County Flood Control District was awarded a $320,000 federal grant to assess the feasibility of an ambitious… Read more »

Houston Voters Approve $2.5 Billion in Bonds for Flood-Control Projects

Late last month, on the first anniversary of Hurricane Harvey’s landfall, voters in Harris County took an important step forward in the effort to protect Houston from future catastrophic weather events. On August 26, roughly 85 percent of voters approved a referendum which calls for the issuance of $2.5 billion in bonds to fund flood-control… Read more »

Proposed Coastal Spine Will Protect Texas Energy Corridor

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, Texans have spent the last year adopting innovative new strategies to protect the state from future storm damage. The latest of these proposed strategies involves building a 60-mile “spine” of steel levees, concrete seawalls and earthen barriers that will stretch from the Louisiana border to an area south of… Read more »

Texas to Receive More Than $5 Billion for Flood Control Projects

Construction crews in Texas are still working hard to help the state recover from the damage left by Hurricane Harvey in August of last year, but they’ll soon have help from a federal disaster relief package that provides more than $5 billion for repairs, flood control projects and studies. Close to $4 billion of that… Read more »

Houston Adopts New Building Rules for the City’s Floodplains

More than six months after Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas, construction crews are still working hard to aid in Houston’s recovery effort. Now, the Houston City Council has taken its first major regulatory action to prevent major weather events from causing similar devastation in the future. In early April, the council voted to approve… Read more »

Texans Rally Together in the Wake of Hurricane Harvey

On Saturday, August 26, Hurricane Harvey made landfall on the shore of Copano Bay and swept across Texas in one of the most powerful weather events in recent memory. When the storm was over, it had dropped so much rain on Houston that the entire city sank by roughly two centimeters. But by the time… Read more »