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Do you want to make your excavator bucket even more versatile than it already is? You can do just that with the help of hydraulic thumbs, which are designed to allow you to pick up an item and clamp it securely until you are ready to release it at its intended location. Not only does this allow for versatility, but a substantial increase in efficiency on the job site, as well.

The hydraulic thumbs that are manufactured by ESCO and sold by Texas Contractors Equipment Inc. are available in both non-link and linkage style, depending on your needs. Each hydraulic thumb is configured to fit your specific excavator bucket to assure that it fits properly and is able to rotate freely without running into any interference. The ESCO Hydraulic Thumbs come with heavy gussets and reinforcements that will make your thumb as strong and durable as possible, and they also have serrated teeth with webbing that will allow you to grip tightly to just about anything.

ESCO Hydraulic Thumbs have the ability to make any job site more efficient. If you’re not sure whether a non-link or linkage style hydraulic thumb would be best for your company and the type of work you do, we would be more than happy to run through the specs with you and provide our professional option.

Give Texas Contractor Equipment a call at 713-776-1212 today to get more information on ESCO Hydraulic Thumbs or other ground engaging tools and to order one for your business.