Rock Crusher Wear Parts

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Texas Contractors Equipment Inc. currently carries several different rock crusher wear parts from ESCO Corporation that are specifically designed to improve the lifespan of your rock crusher and make it operate more efficiently. The ESCO Jaw Crusher Wearparts, for example, work to reduce the amount of wear and tear your machine experiences while also helping it to crush rocks more consistently than it otherwise would. Plus, as ESCO manufactures wearparts designed to fit many popular machines, you won’t have to worry about downtime as you search for the correct parts.

Texas Contractors Equipment Inc. also carries a number of other crusher wear parts, such as ESCO Cone Crusher Wearparts. These are specifically engineered to preserve the feed opening and maximize the machine’s productivity over time. Additionally, ESCO Epoxy Crusher Backing works to provide more strength and water absorption than your standard backing and ESCO Crushing Wear Analysis helps to optimize performance. Each of these parts plays a very specific role in the overall protection and maintenance of your rock crusher.

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