Toplok® Shrouds

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Heavy-duty excavator buckets and other types of similar equipment are designed to be as durable as possible. But they are used to carry out some pretty tough tasks, and as a result, they will often start to show signs of wear and tear before long. To prevent this from happening, consider using ESCO Toplok® Shrouds, available through Texas Contractors Equipment Inc.. Toplok® Shrouds are specifically designed to protect buckets and other heavy equipment by countering the abrasion and impact that they are often subjected to on the job.

The shrouds are cast with ESCO alloys and are made to make your equipment last longer.
ESCO Toplok® Shrouds is a fully technical system that consists of few parts, including a pin, boss, and shroud. It is also made for quick and easy shroud replacement wherever necessary, including right out on the job site, so that you can get back to work as quickly as possible. Another big advantage with the ESCO Toplok® Shrouds is that they will add life to the lip of your bucket by protecting its leading edge, as well as the lip wings on your bucket. The slim profile of ESCO Toplok® Shrouds will also offer you better penetration during jobs and allow you to load materials more easily.

While the equipment and machinery you use on the job everyday are undoubtedly big and tough, they won’t last you forever, especially if you fail to protect them. So rather than using them without the proper protection, consider using ESCO Toplok® Shrouds from Texas Contractors Equipment Inc. to see what a difference they can make.

If you want to try using ESCO Toplok® Shrouds or other ground engaging tools, give Texas Contractors Equipment Inc. a call at 713-776-1212 today to place an order.