Hydraulic Kit

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One of the easiest ways to make an excavator bucket more efficient is to outfit is with one of the hydraulic kits for thumbs manufactured by ESCO Corporation. Thumbs are used on excavator kits to allow you to get a better grip on the materials you are collecting. Whether you are digging up concrete or ripping through soil, a thumb will help you take hold of it so that it is firmly in your grasp until you are ready to drop it. Hydraulic kits, like the ESCO Bi-Directional Hydraulic Kit for Thumbs, help to make the job a little easier, and Texas Contractors Equipment Inc. can help you obtain one for your business.

ESCO hydraulic kits for thumbs are, as the name suggests, engineered specifically for those using thumbs and will provide you with all of the hydraulic efficiency you need. The kits, available through Texas Contractors Equipment Inc., come with either foot pedal or joystick controls, allowing your operator to have full control over the device as he maneuvers through a job site. A standard hydraulic kit from ESCO includes heavy wall tubing with welding JIC fittings, heavy-duty clamp assemblies that will grip your tubes tightly, and high-quality hoses with the necessary guards. It won’t take you long to see how beneficial a hydraulic kit can be.

Would you like to learn more about how hydraulic kits for thumbs work, or place an order for one? Texas Contractors Equipment Inc. has worked closely with ESCO for a long time now, and we can explain just how helpful a hydraulic kit can be for you.

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