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When using an excavator bucket, you might find that you could benefit from using something to get a better grip on what you’re picking up. It’s a common problem that many companies run into when excavating or carrying out other tasks. ESCO Rigid-Style Thumbs, which are available through Texas Contractors Equipment, are an effective solution.

ESCO Corporation, one of the most trusted manufacturers in the construction equipment community, has created ESCO Rigid Thumbs that will work with 7 to 40 metric ton class machines. They are a lot more economical and, in many cases, practical than their hydraulic counterparts, and come with a number of standard features that will make them beneficial to you and your business. ESCO Rigid Thumbs from Texas Contractors Equipment Inc. have three and four tine options with center tines that come recessed so that you can maintain a much better grip on things. They are also made out of premium grade T-1 steel for strength and durability, and can be easily adjusted by moving just a single pin, which will make them simple to use. Plus with its ability to work in three different positions, you’ll find the ESCO Rigid Thumb to be an extremely versatile tool for your business.

If you use an excavator bucket on a regular basis and are not currently using a ESCO Rigid Thumb, we encourage you to reach out to Texas Contractors Equipment Inc. to learn how one may help to reduce the stress put on your machine. By investing in ESCO Rigid Thumbs, you can work more efficiently and see why so many other companies have put their faith into this piece of equipment.

Check out the ESCO Rigid Thumbs available through Texas Contractors Equipment Inc. right now or call us at 713-776-1212 today with any questions you have.