Workforce Reports Find Healthy Job Growth in Houston

Construction Workers There’s never been a better time to look for jobs in the oil, energy and construction industries in Houston, according to a recent workforce report conducted by LinkedIn. The report found that Houston’s job growth in the oil and energy sector is more than double the national average at 12.4 percent, and job growth in the construction industry is not far behind. Job growth in Houston has grown steadily for the past several years, but it may have been accelerated further by the increased demand for skilled labor following Hurricane Harvey.

Meanwhile, a report from the Texas Workforce Commission published earlier this month identified promising signs of job growth in Houston as well. Unemployment in the Houston metropolitan area fell to 4.2 percent in May 2018, down from 4.8 percent at the same time last year. The region also experienced its eighth consecutive month of job growth, adding nearly 10,000 jobs in May. This statewide report also found that construction companies throughout Texas have been increasing their payrolls in 2018, adding more than 40,000 jobs over the course of the past year.

You don’t have to look far to spot large-scale construction projects here in Houston. The $1 billion effort to replace the Ship Channel Bridge began earlier this spring, and the city will become home to at least 15 new condominium buildings this year. At Texas Contractors Equipment, we’re proud to support this thriving industry by developing custom ground engaging solutions for the contractors in our area.

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