New Life for an Old ESCO Clamshell Bucket

Experience, confidence, knowledge. This is the trust that your manufacturer has in a dealer to help a customer.

One such customer called ESCO Corporation in Portland, Oregon looking for some help on an old clamshell bucket. ESCO suggested the customer call us to lend a hand. The customer had an old 1970 clamshell bucket that needed new teeth and adapters so he could use it to grab stone out of the water for rip rap material. By using the serial number, we determined the original Bolton parts were obsolete.

With the help of our inside customer service rep and the product specialist team, we upgraded him to the newly-introduced Ultralok Weldon clamshell adapters and the recently-released U40K clamshell teeth. These were the best combination to use in the customer’s application.

When the customer picked up his parts he was amazed at the size and weight of the teeth, but we reassured him these were the correct size for his clamshell bucket. We showed him how the adapters should be placed and welded onto the bucket, and explained how the teeth were installed onto the adapters; he was very pleased at the ease of installing them.

After a few weeks we contacted him and he said his crane operator was really impressed with the system. He also mentioned that he could pick up large or small rocks and make more cycle times as he did not lose the rock out of the clamshell. The customer thanked us for helping him out and thanked ESCO for the special value-added Ultralok System.

Check out a few photos of the clamshell bucket in action below!

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