6737326 – Bucket Tooth Flexpin


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A replacement flexpin is the easiest way to make a fast repair to a skid steer or excavator bucket. Situated between the tooth and adaptor, the flexpin provides a secure hold for the teeth attached to the bucket. If the extra tooth is no longer needed, the flexpin and tooth can be removed and reinstalled whenever needed. This makes it easy to change out teeth to adapt your Bobcat or similar style bucket to work best with the soil type or conditions you are working with. Softer soil and sand may require a different configuration than tougher soil, clay and gravel. Order a new flexpin (part No. 6737326) for your machinery today from Texas Contractors Equipment and make sure you always have the best equipment for the job.


  • Flexpin to attach tooth to adapter
  • Flex pin is 2.125″ long, .25″ wide and .75″ tall


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