6737325 – Long Tooth for Bobcat Skid Steer Buckets


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If you are working in tough packed in dirt, clay or gravel, you may find the bucket of your Bobcat skid steer simply can’t do the job. Teeth on the bucket help to give the machine extra digging power and penetration into soils, and if your skid steer bucket is worn, you may not be working as effectively as you could be. Texas Contractors Equipment supplies all of the tools and accessories you need to add teeth back to your bucket – literally! These long tooth replacements for Bobcat buckets (part No. 6737325) are highly versatile and suitable for use with most standard dirt and soil types. The tooth uses a flexpin and is designed to quickly and easily install without the need for welding. Place your order with Texas Contractors Equipment today.


  • Long Tooth for Bobcat Skid Steer Buckets
  • Uses a flex-pin
  • Good all around standard dirt tooth


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