Texas: Home of the Fastest Growing Cities in the Nation

Texas: Home of the Fastest Growing Cities in the NationThere are many cities across the country that are, unfortunately, seeing significant declines in their populations right now. For example, a new report published by the American City Business Journals shows that cities like Cleveland and Pittsburgh are losing residents every single week. Cleveland tops the list with more than 66 people choosing to leave the city every seven days. Unemployment rates and the local economy are no doubt playing a part in this.

In Texas, on the other hand, we’ve been much more fortunate in recent years. In fact, a number of the fastest-growing cities in the country are located in the Lone Star State. Houston sits at the top the list, according to the American City Business Journals report, with more than 2,600 people moving into the city every week. The Dallas-Fort Worth area is also attracting more than 2,400 new residents per week. The economy is booming in many parts of the state, and the housing market is very strong, which has led to an influx of people moving into cities in Texas. A recent SmartAsset survey called Texas the best state for first-time home buyers in the country.

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