Hammer Punch KHP2




When tools are locked in and need to be removed, a hammer punch is the best way to extract a tool without damaging it or injuring yourself. Texas Contractors Equipment supplies a range of hammer punch tools from Kennametal to make it easy and safe to remove all kinds of tools. Whether dirt, rust, grime or the simple passage of time have locked the tool in place, the right hammer punch can get it out. The hammer punch KHP2 has a shorter, 8.88” stem, ideal for fitting into narrow places and a .88 width on the stem. The tip of the punch is reinforced with carbide to increase its longevity. Remember to use proper eye and face protection when using this or any hammer punch to protect yourself from injury.

Note: Always use proper eye and face protection

  • Short Tool Punch
  • To manually remove tools from blocks in tight areas
  • Tip of punch has had carbide added to prevent wear


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