Hammer Punch KHP3




A hammer punch tool is a vital addition to your tool box when you need to remove shanks, spikes, teeth and other accessories that are stuck in place. Instead of straining yourself or risking an injury by attempting to remove a tool with a makeshift device, use a hammer punch. A hammer punch is designed to safely dislodge stuck tools without causing damage to the tool, the equipment or injury to the person. The KHP3 tool is longer, giving you more leverage and making it easier to dislodge tools that are stuck in hard-to-reach spots. 10.82” long with a stem width of .88,” the hammer punch is safe and easy to use.

Note: Always use proper eye and face protection

  • Long Tool Punch
  • To manually remove tools from blocks in tight areas
  • Tip of punch has had carbide added to prevent wear


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Texas Contractors Equipment Inc.