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When parts of your machines wear down, make easy and affordable replacements using the highest-quality replacement parts made by leading manufacturers. RAM Manufacturing Company makes replacement endcaps for Broce machines that can be easily installed and are identical to the original parts. If a part is cracked, dented or no longer secure, order a replacement Broce endcap. The BR RBD-16 endcaps can be used on the left or right side and use RMO120-05HS hex head bolts. With this part, you can replace only the piece that is broken, without paying for any extraneous pieces. Order the BR RBD-16 Broce endcap today to get your Broce Broom or another machine up and running again.


Broce Endcap RH or LH “Tophat” OEM #D-16

  • •Uses RMO120-05HS Hex Head Bolts


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Texas Contractors Equipment Inc.