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Texas Contractors Equipment supplies repair tools and replacement parts for all of the most popular machines, including the Broce Broom and similar equipment. As one of the most powerful and versatile machines on the market, the Broce Broom is popular at construction sites and other job sites nation-wide. While the Broce Broom succeeds in completing a variety of different jobs, it is still vulnerable to wear and tear. Some contractors and project managers may replace the machine when all it needs is a simple fix. The Broce Core end shaft is a vital part of your Broce Broom, though it can be easily fixed. Order the BR RBD-17 end shaft, including the spindle and bearing to repair your Broce equipment.

Broce Core End Shaft

  • Spindle/Bearing
  • Uses RMO120-05HS Hex Head Bolts


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