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With the 37SYL Esco Style Flat Penetrator Tooth from GETCO/GETTUF, which operates as part of the 37SYL 37 Series Helilok Bucket Tooth System, you will be able to carry out all of your general purpose tasks with your ground engaging tools. The tooth is capable of digging down through hard dirt and even some concrete. It uses Quadrilok for Helilok and pin and plug type for Vertalok. Additionally, the tooth’s profile allows for self-sharpening and becomes even tougher as it gradually wears down.

  • 37 Series Helilok Tooth System
  • General Purpose
  • Good Dirt Tooth, some concrete
  • Uses Quadrilok (Horseshoe Type) for Helilok
  • Uses Pin and Plug Type for Vertalok


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Texas Contractors Equipment Inc.

Texas Contractors Equipment Inc.