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Utilized as part of the 27SYL 27 Series Esco Helilok Tooth System, the 27SYL Esco Style Flat Penetrator Tooth from GETCO/GETTUF is particularly effective when used for general duty. It’s a durable general-purpose tooth that digs down into dirt and some concrete. It has a tooth profile that self-sharpens as you use it and wear it down, which makes it even stronger over time, and it uses Quadrilok for Helilok and pin and plug type for Vertalok.

  • 27 Series Helilok Tooth System
  • General Purpose Good Dirt Tooth, some concrete
  • Uses Quadrilok (Horseshoe Type) for Helilok
  • Uses Pin and Plug Type for Vertalok


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Texas Contractors Equipment Inc.