25S – Conical Top Pinned Tooth


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Make your excavators, diggers and other equipment more effective with the 25 series conical top-pinned tooth system. Whether you want to change out the existing teeth on your machine, you need to replace broken teeth or you are looking for more digging strength and resistance, the 25 series conical top-pinned tooth system from GETTUF will get the job done. These teeth are made for a range of general purpose applications in soft, average or even tough dirt and some gravel digging. Using a pin and rubberlock system to attach to the bucket, these teeth are easy to install or replace on your ESCO-style equipment. Order 25 series conical top-pinned teeth online from Texas Contractors Equipment or call for more information.

25 Series Conical Top Pinned Tooth System

  • General Purpose
  • Good Dirt Tooth
  • Uses a pin and rubberlock


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