Bucyrus Blades Branding Announcement

At the end of last year, ESCO sent out a communication that ESCO Corporation is taking the Bucyrus Blades brand back into the global market. This letter is an update to that communication. Two key elements are the development of an all-new Bucyrus Blades logo (shown below) and our fully integrated presence in the ESCO booth at ConExpo-Con/Agg 2017


Dan Carson, North American Sales Director of Bucyrus Blades sent this announcement:

We invite our customers to visit them in the Central Hall, ESCO booth C-20505. We also encourage you to stop in to review new and existing products, meet their sales and management staff, and learn more about their exciting plans for the Bucyrus Blades brand.

As a reminder, following is a recap of the previous communication.

  1. Bucyrus Blades is still an ESCO Company, and the Bucyrus Blades brand will show this with the addition of “an ESCO Company” to the brand and logo.
  2. All blade products will carry the new Bucyrus Blades logo, with transition of blade products from the ESCO logo beginning by the end of Q1 2017. Blade products will be yellow.
  3. Bucyrus Blades will bring back the cast DRP GET line starting in 2017. This product will be green.
  4. All product literature will be rebranded Bucyrus Blades and will be formatted in the original Bucyrus Blades Blue, same as the new logo above.
  5. Their sales staff will identify themselves as Bucyrus Blades, their business cards, and other presentation materials will reflect the new Bucyrus Blades brand.
  6. Bucyrus Blades promotional materials will be available through your distributor.

Please contact Texas Contractors Equipment, Inc. or ESCO  for any questions concerning Bucyrus Blades, an ESCO Company.