Autonomous Trucks in the Construction & Mining Industries

Self-driving cars are making their way into everyday life with the innovation of autonomous and electric vehicles. Many major tech companies such as Tesla are enhancing their technologies in the field of self-driving cars. Of course, this is mainly for regular cars, but what about construction and mining trucks? We are not far off. Many major construction vehicle companies are diving deep into autonomous trucks for good reason.

Construction Crews Prepare for Autonomous Trucks

The world is changing by the minute. New and innovative technologies in the construction industry are improving the way we build and fix things. Our infrastructure will change in the coming years, and it’s safe to say that the way construction crews operate will change as well with autonomous trucks.

Caterpillar is at the Forefront

Although many tech companies are focused on self-driving cars, Caterpillar is already ahead of them when it comes to construction and mining. The benefit of having assistance with construction and mining trucks prioritizes safety and security for construction and mining crews. Remote control operations, maneuverability, and efficiency are some of the most important aspects to construction projects around the world.

The Benefits of Autonomous Trucks for Construction Crews:

  • Safety & Efficiency
  • Faster Production & Job Creation
  • Expand the Construction & Mining Workforce
  • Create Opportunities for More Difficult Jobs to be done
  • Improve the way construction crews operate

Construction & Mining Will Still Be Traditional

With all new technology, autonomous trucks, and renewable energy making their way into the construction industry, there is still a traditional aspect to mining and construction. The goals are still the same, which means ground engaging tools/attachments will always be needed for heavy machinery and construction equipment. Ground engaging tools/attachments help construction and mining crews improve their equipment and help to get jobs done safely and efficiently.

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Vivian Black

It’s interesting that in this day and age that TMA drivers are now being replaced with robots to ensure their safety while on the road which would be great for those who’ll be needing the service in the future. That should give the companies and rentals a lot more of breathing space as they would have one less issue when a collision happens. I’ll be sure to read more about these crash truck rentals and their current innovation in the industry. Thanks!


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