Stabilizer King – Road Rehabilitation Conicals for Cutting/Stabilizing


Stabilizer King | SK4-01




The stabilizer king conical shanks are ideally designed for the tough demands of road rehabilitation. Kennametal designs the shanks specifically for the conditions that normally wear down and break apart shanks and blocks. You can choose from a variety of different tips to match the application that you need and the conditions you are working with, while benefitting from the same exceptional design. The conical shanks are shaped to support rotation behavior and guide material away from the tool, preventing lock-ups and overheating. The wide collar over the washer and holder protects the holder, and the body is designed to reduce stress on the washer, retainers and holder system.


  • Tips designed to best match your application
  • Material flow along the fluted body supports rotation behavior, resulting in increased overall tool life
  • Increased surface area due to fluted design, helps to optimize mixing results
  • Wide collar covers most of the washer and holder face, giving maximum holder protection
  • Body design allows easy penetration, causing less stress and wear on washer, retainer, and holder system
  • .87″ (22mm) Shank
  • X-treatment consists of an additional head heat treatment

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Posted by Kennametal Inc on Thursday, December 8, 2016


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