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When working on road reclamation projects, demolition, soil stabilization and other demanding environments, it is important to utilize a drum that is up to the challenge. The road-ready drums manufactured by Kennametal are designed to endure the harshest conditions and most challenging projects. Reinforced with block systems and end rings, the drum will last longer and reduce wear on all parts of the machine by reducing vibration. The genuine Kennametal product comes with a Kennametal Drum Warranty, a set of premium start-up tools and a complete maintenance tool kit. Texas Contractors Equipment will help you find the right drum for your needs, and allow you to view the road pattern at different speeds and RPMs before you purchase the drum, so you can be sure you are ordering the right product.

New or rebuilt drums that simply perform better and last longer!

  • Block systems provide proven performance
  • End rings proven to reduce wear and provide straight cut
  • Optimum road patterns and matching capabilities
  • Balanced to reduce machine vibration
  • Drum designed to meet your application needs

Complete with its own ID plate, serial number and certificate of authenticity that entitles you to:

  • Kennametal Drum Warranty
  • Free set of premium start-up tools, the newest, “next-generation” tools we make
  • Complete maintenance tool kit provided

Engineered specifically to optimize your road milling productivity and profitability!

  • Computer-engineered tuned drum designs with synchronized lacing
  • Provide options to view the road pattern at different speeds and RPMs before you purchase your drum
  • Software program creates and maps perfectly balanced drums
  • Ensures optimum placement of cutting tools
  • Provides maximum productivity and wear characteristics

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