Rex LH Pulvimixer Tines


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The tines on your Pulvimizer are essential to its functionality. When tines break off in tough soil conditions or against rocks, the efficiency of the machine is reduced. This does not imply a problem inherent in the machine, and it can be easily repaired. Replacement tines allow you to bring the machine back to its original condition so you can continue working quickly and effectively. The beveled, heat-treated Rex LH tine manufactured by Herschel Adams measures 10” and is made for left-side orientation. To have these tines delivered to your business or worksite, please contact Texas Contractors Equipment and provide the part number T-212L.

Rex Tine

  • Part # T212L
  • Beveled
  • Heat-treated
  • 10″
  • Left Hand
  • OEM #402-1591-1


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