Infinity® Bimetallic Wear Products




ESCO Universal Wear Solutions is more than just a product. It is a combination of products, services and metallurgical expertise to provide superior wear protection for construction equipment and other industrial applications. A key part of this package is the Infinity Bimetallic Wear Products, a comprehensive offering of buttons, blocks, bars, runners, tiles and overlay plate to match any application.

Infinity Buttons, Blocks, Bars and Runners

ESCO Infinity wear buttons, blocks, bars and runners are a chrome white iron (CWI) casting on a mild steel backing plate. The CWI has a minimum hardness of 700 Brinell, and the mild steel backing allows easy attachment with minimal welding. There is a variety of shapes and sizes to protect any high wear area on mobile or stationary machinery.

Some of the many applications are buckets for shovels, draglines, loaders and excavators, and conveyor chutes liners, grizzly screens, crusher liners, or any other equipment exposed to abrasive wear.

Features and Benefits

Reduced Maintenance

  • Protects any high wear area, eliminating the need for frequent rebuild or replacing wear plate
  • Lasts longer than other wear protection
  • Excellent alternative to hard facing which can lead to cracking of major structural components

Increased production

  • Reduced maintenance ensures maximum machine availability
  • Wide variety of shapes and sizes allows small areas to be protected, minimizing the affect on penetration and material flow

Lower Operating Cost

  • Can be fit to flat or curved surfaces, eliminating the need to have wear plate formed to fit
  • Bucket life is significantly increased, minimizing repair and new bucket orders


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