H Heavy Point


The H is a heavy point (tooth) for extremely abrasive applications and is primarily designed for excavators. Additional wear metal provides long point life. The heavy-duty rib and unique tear-drop relief in the bottom help to maintain sharpness as the point wears. The Ultralok® locking device is an integral part of each Ultralok® point, no need to purchase the lock separately.

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PART ID by Machine Weight Class (reference only):

U25H 12 – 15 Ton Machine Class, U30H 15 – 20 Ton Machine Class, U35H 20 – 30 Ton Machine Class, U40H 30 – 40 Ton Machine Class, U45H 40 – 60 Ton Machine Class, U55H 60 – 75 Ton Machine Class, U60H 75 – 95 Ton Machine Class


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