Convoluted Wafer




Spacerless wafer (Convoluted) No need for a metal spacer


  • 6 3/8″ ID x 24″ OD
  • 8″ ID x 24″ OD
  • 10″ ID x 32″ OD


  • Poly Only
  • Poly / Wire on each wafer (No need for extra wire wafer)
  • Wire in wafers helps with mud cleaning off city streets

Whether you need to do street sweeping or you are in the middle of a road construction project and could benefit from clearing the surface, the Keystone Plastics Convoluted Wafer can help tackle the job. The convoluted design means it doesn’t need to be used with a metal spacer, making it simpler to install or replace on your existing equipment. The wire in the wafers is designed to help clean mud off city streets and other surfaces, and the wafers can be orders in poly only or poly/wire types. These wafers can stand up to the toughest sweeping conditions and cover just about any surface while sticking to one uniform pattern that delivers a clean finish.

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6 3/8" X 24" C. POLY / WIRE, 8" X 24" C. POLY / WIRE, 10" X 32" C. POLY ONLY, 10" X 32" C. POLY / WIRE


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