C87B Blocks for Soil Stabilization


Over time, blocks inevitably become damaged, making it more difficult to install the tools that you need and ultimately lowering the performance of your machines. Instead of making costly replacements to your machines, Texas Contractors Equipment makes it easy and affordable to repair damaged parts. The C87B blocks for soil stabilization are made by a leading manufacturer in heavy equipment, Kennametal. They are designed to fit AR150 87 bits or SM04 Conical Bits, both which you can find online at Texas Contractors Equipment. The blocks can be easily welded using a 7018 or 8018 hydrogen rod welder or equivalent wire welder.


  • Heavy-duty design, has a machined step for non-rotating tools.
  • Has a .875″ diameter bore.
  • Accepts AR150 87 bits or SM04 Conical Bit
  • Easily welded with a 7018 or 8018 low hydrogen rod or equivalent.
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